Giampa appointed to serve as Ratings Chairman for THE RING magazine

Chuck Giampa, who served as a top boxing judge for decades in the sport, has been named ratings chairman for THE RING magazine, Sports and Entertainment Publications, LLC, which owns America’s oldest and most prestigious boxing publication, announced on Monday.

THE RING, long considered by the industry as “The Bible of Boxing,” pioneered the concept of boxing rankings and has been awarding the prestigious RING title belt to genuine world champions since heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey first received the belt in 1922, the year the magazine was founded.

Since then, over 300 additional RING champions have been crowned. The most recent RING title was awarded to Danny Garcia after the undefeated junior welterweight knocked out Amir Khan on July 14. The anticipated junior featherweight showdown between Nonito Donaire and Toshiaki Nishioka on Saturday will be contested for THE RING’s vacant 122-pound title.

Giampa was appointed as a judge in 1984 and has had an illustrious career, judging many memorable championship fights including the Holyfield-Tyson II “Bite Night” fight and the Holyfield-Bowe “Fan Man” fight. He has judged over 130 world championship fights in addition to many regional and international title fights in Italy, England, Wales, France, Germany, Panama, Argentina, Korea and Japan. He retired from his position as a boxing judge in 2008 to pursue a career as a boxing consultant and continue as a sports columnist.

“I love boxing and have stayed very involved in the sport since my retirement as a top boxing judge,” said Giampa, who has recently spent his time as an international boxing consultant and sports columnist. “I am honored to accept this position as THE RING magazine Ratings Chairman and look forward to guiding the process of selecting future champions for THE RING magazine. I know how important it is for fighters to receive this title and I will make sure the process of selecting these worthy champions is fair and of the highest standards.”


About THE RING magazine:

THE RING magazine, which is owned and published by Sports and Entertainment Publications, LLC, has been in publication for over 90 years.

THE RING Ratings are compiled by the Ratings Chairman, the Editorial Board, and the Ratings Panel consisting of the most knowledgeable boxing journalists from around the world. Fights qualifying for THE RING Championship belt are determined by the Ratings Chairman and the Editorial Board under the guidance of THE RING’s Championship Policy. THE RING Ratings and Championship Policies can be found at ringtv.craveonline.com/ratings and also below.

THE RINGRATINGS POLICY – The criteria by which THE RING rates fighters is as follows, in order of importance: (1) Results: This is the most objective criterion and takes precedence over all others. (2) Performance: How a fighter performs in a victory or defeat can be a factor to determine his place in the ratings. (3) Track record: A fighter’s accomplishments in the recent past can be a factor to determine his place in the ratings, which includes quality of opposition.

THE RINGCHAMPIONSHIP POLICY – Championship vacancies can be filled in the following two ways: 1. THERING’s Nos. 1 and 2 contenders fight one another. 2. If the Nos. 1 and 2 contenders chose not to fight one another and either of them fights No. 3, No. 4 or No. 5, the winner may be awarded THE RING belt if the Ratings Chairman and Editorial Board deem the contenders worthy. There are the seven situations in which a Ring Champion can lose his belt: (1) The Champion loses a fight in the weight class in which he is Champion. (2) The Champion moves to another weight class. (3) The Champion does not schedule a fight in any weight class for 18 months. (4) The Champion does not schedule a fight at his championship weight for 18 months (even if he fights at another weight). (5) The Champion does not schedule a fight with a Top-5 contender from any weight class for two years. (6) The Champion retires. (7) The Champion tests positive for a banned substance.

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