FROM THE ARCHIVE: before Johnson vs. Jeffries


WHO’S WHO: One of the great traditions in boxing is the introduction of fighters and dignitaries before the opening bell of a major fight. The practice goes way back. In this photo, a number of well-known figures were introduced before Jack Johnson knocked out Jim Jeffries on July 4, 1910, in Reno, Nevada. They are (left to right) Hugh McIntosh (promoter), Tommy Burns (former heavyweight champion), John L. Sullivan (former heavyweight champion), Jimmy Coffroth (promoter), Frank Gotch (wrestler, who reportedly had a few pro boxing fights), Billy Jordan (former boxer), Tom McCarey (promoter), Bill Lang (boxer), Bob Fitzsimmons (former heavyweight champion), Tom Sharkey (former heavyweight contender), George Harding (former boxer) and Stanley Ketchel (middleweight champion, who was murdered three months later). For a larger version, click here (photo will open in a new window).

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