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Q&A: Harrison avoids streets, draws local fans, national interest

RingTV.com: How was it for you to be a part of such a historic night, being that that was your debut at the Washington Convention Center?

DH: It was a great night, because it was my first time fighting there, and it was my first time fighting in D.C. in front of all of my family and all of my friends.


RingTV.com: Do you ever spar with either or both of the Peterson brothers?

DH: Yeah, I’ve sparred with both of them at times. I haven’t sparred with them in about a month, but I was going over there a lot when Lamont was getting ready for Amir Khan the second time, before their rematch got canceled.

It was great. It was an advantage to be able to spar with someone who has so much experience in the pros. To be able to spar with somebody like that, it was great.

Anthony and Lamont are completely different when they do it. Anthony, you know, he presses you hard and he comes forward. Lamont, he’s more relaxed and everything.

So you get to see the two different styles when you spar with them, and I am planning on starting to go over there again since they’ve opened up a new gym.

RingTV.com: How old were you when you began boxing?

DH: I did exhibitions when I was six, and my family still has pictures of me in a onesie with gloves on and shadow boxing. My dad also has some pictures of me hitting the speed bag.

RingTV.com: How many amateur fights did you have?

DH: I had 197. I lost 31 fights. I won the Silver Gloves twice, I won nine national titles. I never fought in the open division. I won the junior national Golden Gloves three times, I won the junior summer classics three times.

I won the Ringside Worlds once. I went to Puerto Rico and I fought and I won, and it was the city’s Mayor’s Cup. I was about 12 or 13, I think.

RingTV.com: How old were you when you first turned professional?

DH: I turned 17 less than a month before I turned pro, so, I think it was two weeks before my first professional fight.

Click here for a video of Harrison’s professional debut.

RingTV.com: How were your grades in high school?

DH: I graduated with an overall 3.0. I’m going to take some classes at the Community College of Southern Maryland. I’m going to look to major in nursing.

To be honest, me and a friend signed up for a nursing class in high school, but he never showed up. There was 50 peopIe or something in the classroom, and I was the only boy.

It was an after school program called Nursing Unlimited. I had fun though, because they took us to on field trips to colleges and I stuck with it.

I talked to the nurse at school every day, and they were teaching us and taking us on field trips where you really learned.


RingTV.com: How were you treated by students and teachers once they discovered you were a professional boxer?

DH: I had my first professional fight as a junior, but as a senior, my friends that had been my friends for a while, they all treated me the same and didn’t think anything of it.

But then, I would get substitute teachers who would recognize me, and the would want to take their pictures with me and everything.

My friend would just laugh because they just thought it was weird. Some of the newer kids, like the freshmen and stuff, they would treat me differently. The acted like they were amazed that I was at their school and stuff.

It was so different. The people who knew me, they didn’t treat me any differently, but the people who were just meeting me, they would treat me like a superstar or something.

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