Hector Camacho Sr. shot, in critical condition, but expected to survive

Hector Camacho, who has been shot multiple times in his native Bayamon, Puerto Rico on Tuesday, remains in critical but stable condition. Doctors and the fighter’s spokesperson believe the former three-division titleholder will survive.

Camacho, who retired with a 79-6-3 record in 2010, reportedly was the passenger in a car at about 7 p.m. local time when someone pulled next to him and shot him in the face and neck. TMZ reported that the driver of the car Camacho was in was killed.

The ex-fighter, who is 50, was taken to a hospital in San Juan. Dr. Ernesto Torres, the hospital director, told reporters that Camacho is expected to survive, according to the Associated Press.

“This guy is a cat with nine lives. He’s been through so much,” said Camacho representative Steve Tannenbaum. “If anybody can pull through it will be him.”

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