Lee Groves

10: Best Tetralogies

All four bouts between Rafael Marquez (left) and Israel Vazquez featured sustained back-and-forth action, brutal exchanges and lots of blood.


Sometime during the late evening hours in Las Vegas on Saturday, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will complete a relative ring rarity – a tetralogy. That’s because three fights spread over 36 rounds and seven years weren’t enough to resolve the conflicts between the two future hall of famers, their respective brain trusts and especially their most rabid fans.

Although the “Pac Man” holds a 2-0-1 lead in the history books, a compelling argument can be made that Marquez deserved to win at least one fight – if not more. Marquez’s strong belief that he won all three combined with the firestorm over last November’s majority decision for Pacquiao made fight four possible – and most likely profitable. The closeness of their rivalry is best illustrated by the following statistic: When one adds up the nine scorecards submitted during the series, Pacquiao holds an airtight 1,024-1,017 edge – a difference of just 0.34 percent.

Boxing’s Golden Age was filled with rivalries that extended far beyond four acts, with the 20-fight series between legendary welterweights Jack Britton and Ted “Kid” Lewis being the most famous. There have also been more than a few tetralogies that provided tremendous entertainment as well as ammunition for arguments. To honor the fourth installment of Pacquiao-Marquez, here is one man’s list of boxing’s best four-fight series.

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