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Spokesperson: Getty not requesting Pacquiao’s suspension


Although Getty Images has requested that Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer take disciplinary action against Manny Pacquiao’s advisor Michael Koncz and the fighter’s longtime friend and assistant trainer Restituto “BuBoy” Fernandez in the waked of their alleged assault on photographer Al Bello following Pacquiao’s knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez on Dec. 8, the company “does not ask for Mr. Pacquiao’s suspension,” according to an e-mail from a Getty spokesperson.

Getty Images publicist Jodi Einhorn, informed RingTV.com in an e-mail that organization attorney, Lizanne Vaughan, was not requestiong Pacquiao’s suspension in a letter which addressed the issue and which was obtained by RingTV.com.

Vaughan wrote in the email that “members of Mr. Pacquiao’s entourage attacked our staff photographer, Al Bello, without provocation,” further stating that “Michael Koncz and Buboy Fernandez, punched, kicked, grabbed and then chased Mr. Bello.”

“While there are inherent risks in this line of work, the assault by participants at this event is not one of them,” stated Vaughan. “We expect that you will take all appropriate actions against Mr. Pacquiao and his entourage, and expect that such will include a significant suspension period.”

But in an e-mail to RingTV.com meant for clarification, Einhorn stated “the letter addressed to the NSAC from Getty Images does not ask for Mr. Pacquiao’s suspension,” adding, “We believe that the NSAC is in the position to review the incident and take all appropriate actions against Mr. Pacquiao and his entourage.”



Although Kizer could not be reached for an immediate comment, he informed RingTV.com in an earlier interview that Koncz and Fernandez could face disciplinary action, which could take the forms of a fine, a suspension or a combination of both.



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