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Adamek-Cunningham II: Who wins the clash of ages?

Keith Idec, The Record/BoxingScene.com

Tomasz Adamek SD 12 Steve Cunningham: This is going to be another knock-down, drag-out brawl between smallish heavyweights with huge hearts.

Tomasz Adamek appears to be the stronger of the two fighters, though, and is much more comfortable and accomplished at heavyweight than Steve Cunningham.

I can’t see either guy winning by knockout, but I wouldn’t be surprised if both boxers hit the deck this time in what figures to be another highly entertaining slug fest.

Record: 14-6


Rich Marotta, KFI Radio, Los Angeles

Tomasz Adamek TKO 7 Steve Cunningham: Sometimes, when fighters get a little older, and a little slower, their rematches can be very compelling, because they end up beating the hell out of each other.

It’s that way with Manny Pacauiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, who are still fighting each other eight years after they first did battle, and it was that way with Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns when they met eight years after their first fight.

Hopefully, it will be that way with Tomasz Adamek and Steve Cunningham. However, unlike the other fights I referenced, I don’t think the result will change.

As much as I like and respect Nazim Richardson, I don’t think he can get Cunningham past Adamek. I think Adamek is a greatly under-rated fighter, and he is now accustomed to the heavyweight ranks.

After a few rounds where Cunningham will box well, Adamek will turn it in his favor, and won’t relinquish the advantage.  Adamek stops Cunningham in 7.

Record: 16-4




Jack Obermayer, Fight Fax Inc.

Steve Cunningham MD 12 Tomasz Adamek: Last time it was as cruiserweights, but now, they go at it as heavyweights, which Tomasz Adamek has been for a while.

That said, I feel that Adamek has slipped more than Steve Cunningham has, and even if Cunningham is no big puncher, at any weight, he has the boxing skills to derail Adamek.

If Eddie Chambers can nearly pull it off with one hand, Cunningham will be programmed to box his way to a decision.  Cunningham by majority decision.

Record: 12-6


Tommy Rainone, guest/fan, professional boxer, New York

Tomasz Adamek W 12 Steve Cunningham: Tomasz Adamek should win a decision. The first fight was a great one, and the second should be very good as well.

It is also an excellent way for boxing to go national on NBC live on free television. That’s why a fight like this was chosen as the main event, because it should be exciting and crowd-pleasing.

I think heavyweight favors Adamek, who has been there and done that at this weight, compared to Steve cunningham, who is just getting used to the transformation. So I’m picking Adamek by 12-round decision.

Record: 0-1


Chris Robinson, The Examiner.com/BoxingScene.com

Tomasz Adamek W 12 Steve Cunningham: I think Tomasz Adamek will find a way to beat Steve Cunningham yet again in another excellent fight.

Record: 16-6


Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Tomasz Adamek KO 8 Steve Cunningham: Steve Cunningham has danced a tightrope for years, managing to avoid being stopped in the classic first fight with Tomasz Adamek, against Troy Ross and twice against Yoan Hernandez.

Adamek, at heavyweight, with both men slowed a bit, it doesn’t look like a safe place. This should be, as long as it lasts, another corker. But it’s hard to see them making the route. The pick here is Adamek inside eight rounds.

Record: 21-10


Michael Rosenthal, Editor of THE RING

Tomasz Adamek KO 9 Steve Cunningham: Steve Cunningham proved when they fought as cruiserweights that he and Tomasz Adamek have comparable skills.

However, I think the Adamek of today is much closer to being a legitimate heavyweight than Cunningham is, which could play a key role in their rematch.

I’m not convinced that Cunningham can take a heavyweight punch, so I think that Adamek will score a knockout in the ninth round.

Record: 23-5


Joseph Santoliquito/Ring Magazine/RingTV.com/CBS Sports

Steve Cunningham W 12 Tomasz Adamek: I think Steve Cunningham has learned a few lessons since his last fight against Tomasz Adamek.

I don’t think he’ll get lured into that punching game Adamek wants, instead, using his speed and reach to keep Adamek away and plow forward with his boxing skills.

I’m sure there is going to be some great exchanges, these guys can’t help themelves. But overall, I can Cunningham out-boxing Adamek for a decision victory.

Record: 13-5

John Scully, trainer of RING and WBC lightheavyweight champion Chad Dawson

Tomasz Adamek W 12 Steve Cunningham: I will go with Tomasz Adamek on a tough but unanimous decision.

I just think he will be stronger at the weight than Steve Cunningham, and that will be the ultimate difference.

Record: 11-6


Ryan Songalia, RingTV.com

Steve Cunningham W 12 Tomasz Adamek: It’s really difficult to pick a winner here, but I might be inclined to pick Steve Cunningham by decision.

I think the first fight was one of the most exciting of 2008, and Cunningham had Tomasz Adamek in trouble in different moments. The only times he got in trouble was when he gambled and got caught by Adamek.

I think that if Cunningham looks to just take the rounds one at a time, boxes from the outside, and remains disciplined, he can win a decision.

But Adamek is tough as nails, and it’s really hard to pick against him because of his power. I wouldn’t be shocked if it goes the other way instead.

Record: 19-6


Bob Velin, USA Today

Tomasz Adamek TKO 10 Steve Cunningham: Their first meeting at cruiserweight four years ago was close — a split decision won by Tomasz Adamek.

But the Polish fighter has been fighting at heavyweight for the last three years, while Steve Cunningham has only one fight under his belt at heavyweight. The only losses in Adamek’s career have been to world-class fighters Vitali Klitschko and Chad Dawson.

He’s one of the most skilled heavyweights around, and he’s got Cunningham in the power department, too. Adamek, technical knockout in 10.

Record: 15-4




By a vote of 13-4, the panel believes Tomasz Adamek will repeat his previous victory over Steve Cunningham, this time, as a heavyweight.


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