RingTV.com fan poll: What was the Event of the Year?

It’s that time once more when the boxing media debates and chooses who and what was the best of the year that is nearly over. Here at RingTV.com we let the fans decide through our homepage poll.

There will be a different year-end award to be voted on and later announced every day of this week (Dec.  24-30). The seven categories are: Event of the Year, Trainer of the Year, Prospect of the Year, Round of the Year, Knockout of the Year, Fight of the Year and Fighter of the Year.

Fans will vote during the day and the winners will be announced before the end of that same day (Pacific Time) on RingTV.com. These “Readers’ Choice” award winners are not to be confused with the official winners of THE RING magazine’s year-end award, which will be announced in the March 2013 issue (which is due to be released in January).

Today’s category is Event of the Year. Go to the CURRENT POLL on the right side of the RingTV.com homepage to vote on Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto, Dueling Las Vegas shows on Sept. 15 (Top Ranks’ Chavez-Martinez PPV vs. Golden Boy’s Showtime-televised “Knockout Kings” quadrupleheader), Ricky Hatton’s return to the ring, and Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez IV.

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