Dominic Verdin and Daniel Morales

New video feature: REAL TALK with Peter Quillin

Undefeated middleweight beltholder Peter Quillin answers fans’ questions about his April 27 WBO title defense against Fernando Guerrero, potential showdowns with RING champ Sergio Martinez and WBA counterpart Gennady Golovkin, a dream matchup with Marvin Hagler, and other subjects in the first episode of REAL TALK.

Episodes two and three will feature welterweight contender Victor Ortiz and WBA/WBO flyweight titleholder Brian Viloria, so email your questions for both fighters to Dominic Verdin at Remember to include your name, where you’re from, and please keep limit yourseld to one direct question.

If we use your question on the show, you will win special promotional giveaways!


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