Lee Groves

10: “Singles Hitters”

9. Max Rosenbloom: 223-42-31 (19) with two no-contests – .064 knockout percentage

Few fighter’s nicknames exemplified their fighting styles more than Rosenbloom’s “Slapsie Maxie.” His open-gloved fighting style earned him the moniker and his overly defensive approach directly led to his extremely low knockout total. Rosenbloom’s speed, reflexes and timing enhanced his effectiveness while also making his opponents look clumsy.

That may be why it took Rosenbloom nearly seven years and almost 140 fights to gain his first title shot. NYSAC light heavyweight titlist Jimmy Slattery had beaten Rosenbloom three times in their previous four fights, so he felt comfortable about the prospect of facing him for the world title vacated by Loughran. Fifteen rounds later Rosenbloom gained vengeance by earning the decision. Over the next four years he sprinkled in an amazing 101 non-title bouts (including 16 losses, 15 draws and two no-contests) with his seven title defenses before losing it on points to Bob Olin.

Rosenbloom faced a Who’s Who of opponents and beat most of them. He holds title-fight victories over Slattery (in a rematch) and Mickey Walker and non-title wins over Leo Lomski, Lou Scozza (three times) and John Henry Lewis. Other resume enhancers include wins over Dave Shade (twice), Scozza (once more), Johnny Wilson, Tiger Flowers, Pete Latzo, Ted “Kid” Lewis, Leo Lomski (twice more), James J. Braddock, Lou Nova, Lee Ramage, King Levinsky and John Henry Lewis (twice more).

Ironically, Rosenbloom ended his career in June 1939 with a three-round KO over Al Ettore. Given that he turned to Hollywood after boxing to pursue a comedic career, he probably saw the humor in it.

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