Lee Groves

10: “Singles Hitters”

7. Jack Britton: 239-56-45 (30) with five no-contests – .087 knockout percentage

The “Boxing Marvel” was one of the sport’s earliest masters. He became the first man ever to win the welterweight title three times for several reasons. First, he was armed with exceptional ring guile. Second, he possessed a highly educated left hand. Third, he was graced with hair-trigger reflexes. Fourth, his extremely sturdy chin (one KO loss in fight three of his 345-fight career) allowed him to shake off the rare bombs that happened to penetrate his guard. Fifth, his intelligence and muscle memory kept him from repeating the same mistakes. Finally, he faced an equally great ring rival in Ted “Kid” Lewis, who Britton faced 20 times and with whom he swapped the title several times.

Britton won his first 147-pound belt from Mike Glover (W 12) but lost it two months later to Lewis (L 12). He regained the belt in his fourth try against Lewis and retained it five times before losing it back to Lewis, then won it a third time, again from Lewis, and this time he held it for four years and a then-division record 14 times.

Besides Lewis (whom he beat 9-7-4 over their six-year odyssey and notched the series’ only KO victory), Britton’s best wins came against Leach Cross, Charley White (twice), Soldier Bartfield (six times) and Mickey Walker. 

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