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Alvarez-Trout: Live round-by-round updates


RingTV.com will be posting live, round-by-round updates for the junior middleweight clash of unbeatens for the RING championship between WBC titleholder Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Austin Trout at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Tex.

The Showtime-televised broadcast will begin at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Click here for the video of the Alvarez-Trout weigh-in.

Alvarez (41-0-1, 30 knockouts) is after his second straight stoppage and his fifth in his past six bouts against Trout (26-0, 14 KOs), a southpaw, who is coming off December’s unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto.

Alvarez vs. Trout live blog: Refresh this page often for updates.

Referee: Laurence Cole

Judges: Stanley Christodoulou of South Africa 118-109, Rey Danseco of the Philippines 115-112, Oren Shellenberger, Dallas, 116-111, all for ALVAREZ!!!!


Note: Cole has informed RingTV.com that he officiated Trout’s unanimous decision over Taronze Washington in November of 2009, and never has worked any of Alvarez’s fights.

Fighters will be greeted by a crowd of nearly 38,000 at the Alamodome, including celebrities such as Ray Lewis and Metta World Peace.

Ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. handling the affairs.

Austin Trout booed as he is shown on the big screen during the singing of the American national anthem.

Trout’s entering the arena first to a lusty chorus of boos. Wearing white, Everlast robe with tiger-strped crosses on each arm as well as black gloves. Robe reads “Austin Trout” on the back

Loud cheers greet Alvarez as he enters the ring with a black, sequined robe trimmed in red and black gloves. Alvarez smiling confidently as he makes his way through the ring ropes to his partisan fans’ welcome.

Trout stands 5-9.1/2 Alvarez, 5-7 1/2.

Jimmy Lennon Jr: “It’s Showtime!”

Alvarez introduced first; Trout, second. Alvarez’s skin looks relatively dry; Trout’s is glistening as he bounces on his toes prior to being introduced.

Laurence Cole gives instructions.



Round 1:  We’re on. Trout winks at someone in the crowd prior to the bell. Trout jabbing, Alvarez circling with his hands held high. Over half the round gone and Alvarez has yet to throw a punch. Trout’s landing the jab, Alvarez moves forward. Takes another jab, this to the body. Alvarez throws and lands one of two on an uppercut. Crowd cheers. Trout’s activity could win him the round. Alvarez moves forward, but Trout backs up and is still jabbing. Trout’s round, 10-9;

Round 2: Alvarez’s trainer, Eddie Reynoso, asks for more upper body movement and more jabs. Trout opens with three jabs, having landed eight of 34 in the first round. Alvarez trying to close the distance with head movement. Trout circles and contines to jab. Trout fires a left but takes two hard rights — one an uppercut — from Alvarez. Crowd cheers. Another uppercut from Alvarez. A right hand to the chest and to the head by Alvarez. Alvarez’s pressure has closed the distance and starts to pull the trigger more. Good pressure from Alvarez. Alvarez’s round, 10-9; Even, 19-19.



Round 3: Trout’s trainer, Louie Burke, asks for Trout to continue to give angles and jab. Asks for more body work from Trout. Alvarez meets Trout in the middle, takes two jabs. Nice right hook by Trout. Trout gets in a one-two. Good left and a right by Trout, who moves away. Good jab by Trout. Alvarez is short on a right but lands the next one. Good triple-jab by Trout, who goes downstairs with one. Alvarez looking to land a big shot over the left of Trout. Good right cross to the belly by Alvarez, who takes a right at the bell. Trout’s round, 10-9; Trout, 29-28.

Round 4: Burke wants Trout to keep pivoting and turning Alvarez, which he does. Trout is short on three jabs. Trout lands three lefts to the body. Nice, sturdy jabs by Alvarez. Trout lands a straight left; Alvarez, an uppercut. Good pressure from Alvarez, followed by a good one-two by Trout and another. Good jab by Alvarez, then, a good straight left by Trout. Trout’s round, 10-9; Trout, 39-37

Round 5:  Al Bernstein and Paulie Malignaggi have Alvarez ahead; Steve Farhood has it even . The round starts with more of the same from Trout, including three early jabs.  Then there are two solid rights by Trout, who takes a left to the body from Alvarez followed by a straight right. Good left by Trout. There is a jab and a follow-up left by Trout, as well as a straight right for Alvarez. Good left uppercut by Trout, but Alvarez avoids the followup. Straight left by Trout, who is busier. Trout’s round, 10-9; Trout, 49-46.

Round 6: This is a close fight. Two of the officlal  judges have the fight for Alvarez; one has it for Trout.  Alvarez clips Trout with two right hands and forces Trout to clinch.A lead left connects for Alvarez and another uppercut by Alvarez lands. Nice body shots from Trout, followed by a jab and a hard left. Alvarez backs up and then clinches. Trout nails Alvarez four times on the ropes. Left to the body by Trout, who appears to be busier. Good counter right form Alvarez, but he takes a left. Good body work from Trout, who takes a right uppercut by Alvarez. Good round for Trout, who controlled the tempo, particularly to the body. Trout, 10-9; Trout, 59-55.

Round 7: TROUT GOES DOWN FROM A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND EARLY, IS FLOORED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS CARRER. Counter left from Trout, who takes another right. Trout comes back with a left and a right, but takes a hard left. Trout comes back, but is wobbled from a left uppercut before taking yet anothe right. Another overhand right by Alvarez. Good left from Trout. Good right uppercut by Trout. Good left hook by Alvarez. Right to the body by Alvarez, but Trout comes back with an uppercut. There is a solid right hand by Alvarez followed by  another. Trout has Alvarez on the ropes taking a left as the round ends. BIG ROUND. Alvarez, 10-8; Trout, 67-65.



Round 8: Farhood has the fight a draw; Bernstein and Malignaggi have Alvarez ahead. Trout emerges with his jab again, winning the early part of the round. Alvarez delivers to the body, but takes a right. Alvarez is on  the ropes, as Trout lands a right and a left before Alvarez’s head movement avoids the remaining vollies. Trout lands a left uppercut and a straight left. Alvarez appears to have taken the round off, although he lands a right at the bell. Trout’s round, 10-9; Trout, 77-74.

Round 9: Burke tells Trout that Alvarez is tired, but a hard right by Alvarez wobbles Trout. Another right by Alvarez is followed by a jab. Good right by Trout, who takes a right by Alvarez. There is a good right by Alvarez and another. Trout lands a right that backs up Alvarez, followed by a good left uppercut and right. There is a left and a right by Alvarez, as well as a straight right. Trout lands a solid left uppercut, and remains the busier fighter down the stretch as Alvarez bobs, weaves and showboats. Alvarez’s round, 10-9; Trout, 86-84.

Round 10: All three official scorers have it for Alvarez, 80-71, 78-73, and, 76-75, for Alvarez after eight rounds. Both sides have been informed of the scores, and Trout’s more aggressive as a result of hearing them. Trout pressed the action, but takes a hard uppercut. Trout’s busier behind his jab, but takes a straight right. Nice left by Alvarez, whose right and a left wobble Trout. There is a good left and right combination by Trout. Alvarez closes with a good right. Trout’s round, 10-9; Trout, 96-93.

Round 11: Bernstein has it a draw, Farhood and Malignaggi have Alvarez up by two and one points, respectively. Alvarez begins bycoming forward, and Trout gets busy with the jab. Still, Trout takes a one-two and a right from Alvarez. Alvarez lands a solid right overhand, as well as another. There is another nice right uppercut delivered by Alvarez. Trout closes with a counter right, and lands intermittently against Alvarez’s harder shots. Alvarez, 10-9; Trout, 105-103.



Round 12: Based on the scores, Trout needs a KO to win. He goes after Alvarez with a series of left uppercuts, but Alvarez comes back with a right. Another Alvarez right hand is countered by a right by Trout. Alvarez delivers a solid left followed by another. Good left to the body by Alvarez, who takes a straight left, a right, and then a left from Trout. There is a left hook by Alvarez, who moves away. Good right to the body by Alvarez, left by Trout. Give Alvarez credit for not simply giving the round away. Alvarez’s round, 10-9; Trout, 114-113.


Photos by Naoki Fukuda

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