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Mayweather Sr. seeks battle of dads with Guerrero’s father



During a media day this past Wednesday in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather Sr. called out Ruben Guerrero in advance of their sons’ May 4, Showtime Pay Per View-televised clash.

According to an account by RingTV.com contributor Norm Frauenheim of www.15rounds.com, Floyd Sr., the father/trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr., wants to face the father/trainer of Robert Guerrero in a match set up by Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer … perhaps in a parking lot.

“Tell Richard I’ll fight him on the moon,” said Floyd Sr., according to Frauenheim. “I’ll fight him on the moon or whatever other planet there is.”

The ice seems to have thawed in the chilly relationship between the two Floyds, with the two ending a long-standing feud in order to train for the Guerrero fight.

Last month, Mayweather Jr. signaled the reunion on his Twitter account, which displayed a photo of him with his father’s arm around him.



Since then, however, Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero have engaged in their share of trash-talking.

During Guerrero’s media day, for example, Ruben Guerrero mocked the Mayweathers’ well-known mitt routine, which many have remarked has a choreographed quality due to its combination of speed and fluidity.

“Patty cake, patty cake,” said Ruben Guerrero, who also referred to the Mayweathers as “clowns.”


Photo by Tom Hogan, Hogan Photos, Golden Boy Promotions

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

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