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Can Judah be ‘super’ against ‘swift’ Garcia?


Ryan Maquinana, CSNBAYAREA/BoxingScene.com

Danny Garcia TKO8 Zab Judah: With his myriad offensive skills, Zab Judah is the eternal live underdog even this late in his career. 

However, Danny Garcia has that sneaky type of power, and now that he’s had time to have a proper camp after postponing the first time around, I’m picking him here to continue his ascent.

Record: 4-4 [Last week: Trout W 12 Alvarez]

Rich Marotta, KFI Radio, Los Angeles

Zab Judah UD 12 Danny Garcia: For years I’ve been picking Zab Judah in his big fights, and with the exception of the Cory Spinks fight, I’ve been wrong. However, why stop now?

On the other hand, I’ve consistently underestimated Danny Garcia, so why stop that now? Zab is no longer a young phenom, but sometimes, these older vets can suck it up for one last big effort.

I think with the backing of the Brooklyn crowd, and with the knowledge this is probably a last chance, he’ll do that Saturday night.

I’m looking for Judah to survive some very rough moments against Garcia and to win enough rounds with what is left of his skills to upset the odds and take a decision.

Record: 5-3 [Last week: Alvarez SD 12 Trout]

Jack Obermayer, Fight Fax Inc.

Zab Judah W 12 Danny Garcia: Strike three and I’m out? Okay then, lets go for the trifecta and see what pops up. 

Always thought this was a close one, and so I “double down” on Zab Judah and pick the vet to upend Danny Garcia, who i never felt was a true top shelf item. Zab should have one more good one in his system, and boxing in Brooklyn should pump him up.

Garcia — and his dad — didn’t show much respect for Judah at media day and I’m wondering if young Danny – who can whack – has the versatility to handle the crafty Judah.  I’m taking Judah to win a 12-round decision.

Record: 3-4 [Last week: Trout W 12 Alvarez]

Harry Pratt, RingTV.com

Danny Garcia TKO 7 Zab Judah: This will be a relative stroll for Danny Garcia, who has shown himself to be a class or three above Zab Judah. I take Garcia to win with a seventh-round TKO.

His superior boxing skills, in every department, will  simply overwhelm his opponent. After all, Garcia is not THE RING, WBC and WBA 140-pound titleholder for nothing.

Record: 1-2 [Last pick: Alvarez KO 11 Trout]

Matt Richardson, Fightnews.com

Danny Garcia KO Zab Judah: I cant believe people are actually picking Zab Judah to win this fight. He never, ever wins the important fights — the second Corey Spinks fight being the exception.

Judah is old with no chin and will be looking for a way out as soon as he has lost more than two rounds. Danny Garcia by stoppage. Hopefully this is truly the end of Judah’s second chances.

Record: 4-4 [Last week: Alvarez W 12 Trout]


Chris Robinson, Hustleboss.com/BoxingScene.com

Zab Judah UD 12 Danny Garcia: I’m going with the upset here. I have been around Zab Judah quite a bit the past few camps,  and I can sense a definite focus that he has late into his career.

Despite some tough losses, his confidence seems to be as high as ever, and I think his movement and speed will be key factors in a very tough fight with Danny Garcia.

Record: 5-2 [Last week: Alvarez W 12 Trout]

Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Danny Garcia W 12 Zab Judah: Danny Garcia’s old man is so obnoxious it makes one almost want to root for Zab Judah. That said, the son ain’t the father, and the son is the one who laces them up.

Garcia emerged big time last year and showed real growth against Erik Morales and Amir Khan. Now he gets the unpredictable Judah.

Judah should give Garcia some tough times in the first five or six rounds, but eventually the steady attack of Garcia will take over. Youth, confidence, and heavy enough hands should carry Garcia to a decision.

Record: 3-5 [Last week: Trout W 12 Alvarez]


Michael Rosenthal, Editor of THE RING

Danny Garcia KO 10 Zab Judah: Zab Judah is good and experienced enough to give Danny Garcia problems, but I have a feeling he’s going to get caught at some point. I think that will turn the fight in the favor of Garcia, who will score a knockout in the 10th round.

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