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Garcia-Judah: Live round-by-round updates



BROOKLYN — RingTV.com will be posting live, round-by-round updates for Saturday night’s junior welterweight clash between RING, WBA and WBC junior middleweight champion Danny Garcia and challenger Zab Judah at Barclays Center.

The Showtime-televised broadcast will begin at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

Garcia (26-0, 16 knockouts) scored his sixth straight victory over a past or current titleholder in Judah (42-8, 29 KOs), who is ten years older than the 25-year-old Garcia.

Garcia vs. Judah live blog: Refresh this page often for updates.

Referee: Steve Smoger

Judges: Anek Hongtongkam had it 114-112, Tom Schreck, 115-112, and Adalaide Byrd, 116-111, all for DANNY GARCIA!!!


Judah’s in the ring, wearing a black velvet robe, being cheered. Garcia, surprisingly, being lustily booed as he enters.

Jimmy Lennon Jr.: “It’s Showtime!!!!”

Now Judah’s receiving a mixture of boos, go and figure. Garcia booed also, hard to figure if there is a favorite. But the crowd’s into it.


Round 1: Gloves touched, we’re about to begin. Judah’s body is glistening; Gacia’s cut and dry. Judah’s out jabbing, moving forward. Jabs to the head and body out of southpaw stance. Garcia’s poised. Crowd’s chanting “Judah!” Now it’s chanting “Danny!” Garcia is short with two reaching rights. Judah reaches to the body, but takes a couple of lefts — one to the head, the other, the body. Garcia’s stalking. Round’s still up in the air. Good movement by Judah. Garcia clips Judah with a left. Garcia lands a right to the body. Garcia’s round on aggression, 10-9.

Round 2: Judah stretches two jabs to the body early. Garcia’s loading up with rights. Garcia grazes with two rights. Judah takes two jabs and a couple of rights. Grazing shots. Straight left by Judah. They clinch. Right to the body. Three rights to the head by Garcia. Left by Judah. Good left and right by Judah at the bell. Garcia’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 20-18

Round 3: Exciting action, but is this the fight Judah wants? Center of the ring? First decent punch is a right  uppercut by Garcia. Nice right byJudah. Garcia lands to the body and then the head. Good right to Judah’s head. Straight left by Judah gets Garcia’s attention. Straight left by Judah and a clinch. Right hook off the clinch by Judah. Judah’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 29-28.



Round 4: Garcia whiffs a right and takes a Judah left. Double-right hand by Garcia. Then a Garcia left. Another double-right by Garcia. They trade rights. Garcia digs to the body and stretches a right to the head. Nice left hook by Garcia. Judah clinches. Garcia lands a right to the body and head. Another right to Judah’s head and then a left to the body and right to the head. Garcia finds Judah with a right and then a left prior to the bell. Garcia’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 39-37.

Round 5: And early right finds the mark for Garcia, who takes a straight left. Judah’s pawing with the jab. Garcia lands a right that slightly swivel’s Judah’s head. Then another right lands for Garcia. Judah nearly ducks into another. Garcia digs twice to the body. Two hard rights catch Judah, who appears to be slowing. A right hand wobbles Judah to the ropes, although he shakes his head to say he’s not hurt. Judah’s getting nailed along the ropes before clinching, and then gets pummeled again before clinching. Garcia’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 49-46.

Round 6: Judah gets nailed and cornered and pummeled and nearly goes down within the first 20 seconds of the round. He escapes, but the punishment continues as the crowd chants “Danny!!!” Two hard rights and then three more cause Judah to do a dance and nearly go down. He clinches and fights off the ropes. More punishment from Garcia and another clinch. Garcia’s walking him down. A cornered Judah takes another left and then another. It’s target practice when Judah’s not clinching. Judah gets off a long left and then clinches. Garcia lands a right to the body at the bell. Garcia’s round, 10-8; Garcia, 59-54.

Round 7: Garcia fires and reaches the mark with an early overhand right. Judah lands a left but takes a right. Good left by Judah, but Garcia is determined. Hard left and right by Garcia. Left uppercut by Garcia. A right to the body by Garcia. Judah’s trying to answer with rights to the head and body. Garcia’s low with a left. Garcia, 10-9; Garcia, 69-63.



Round 8: Good movement by Judah behind his jab. Garcia reaches a right to the body and lands two to the head. Judah comes back with two straight lefts and clinches. Hard right to the body by Garcia, and then, a right that DROPS Judah and causes a cut beneath his left eye. Judah had landed a solid left before going down. Judah’s rises, and fights bravely to the bell. Garcia, 10-8; Garcia, 79-71.

Round 9: Hard left midway through by Judah early and a clinch. Judah takes a right to the body and then the head and clinches. Judah comes with a couple of straight lefts to the head and is boxing well. Judah’s game from behind his jab. Two grazing rights by Garcia. Garcia closes with a right to the body, one to the head and then a left to the head as they clinch. Judah’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 88-81.

Round 10: Judah hurts Garcia with a great straight left and backs him up. Judah pressed the action behind his jab and right hand. Another nice left and another by Judah. Garcia’s feeling the punches. Crowd’s chanting Judah’s name. Another left by Judah, who takes a right. Judah’s in control. Judah lands a left and a right that back up Garcia. Solid jab by Judah. Four more jabs by Judah and a left before the bell. An energized Judah screams and acknowledges the crowd as he returns to his corner. Judah’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 97-91.

Round 11: Judah’s confident coming forward behind his jab. Garcia seems a bit cautious. Nice straight left by Judah. Good boxing and movement by Judah, whose jab forces Garcia to retreat, yet again. Referee Steve Smoger stops the fight to have Judah’s left shoelace tied. Judah shakes Garcia with a left and then a right. A right hook by Judah. The fighters gamely exchange to the bell. Great action. Judah’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 106-101.


Round 12: Straight right by Garcia, then a left by Judah. Head butt slows the action. Garcia’s cut badly in the middle of his forehead. BADLY!!! This has been a war. They trade right hands and clinch. Judah’s giving it all that he can. Hard right by Garcia. Another right by Garcia. Two lefts by Judah. What a warrior! A left and a right and a left by Judah. Garcia closes with a left and a right combination. Excellent action to end the fight. Judah’s round, 10-9; Garcia, 115-111.


Photo by Tom Hogan, Hogan Photos, Golden Boy Promotions

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