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Will Mayweather’s fists trump Guerrero’s faith? Insiders weigh-in


Jeffrey Freeman, www.KODigest.TV

Floyd Mayweather Jr. TKO Robert Guerrero: Faith is a concept I’ve struggled with my whole life. It’s generally understood to be belief without evidence. Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero is a faith-based fighter and he offers belief in Jesus Christ as the primary reason that he’ll defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr on May 4.

Where have we heard this before? Evander Holyfield credited faith following his Biblical beating of Mike Tyson in 1996. That’s a powerful precedence that can’t be denied.  Considering what he’s up against, there’s no reason to believe it will take anything less than an act of God for “The Ghost” to emerge victorious against the consensus No. 1 pound for pound fighter in boxing.

By no means a pacifist, Guerrero won’t drop his hands and offer his chin, but Mayweather should still have no problem finding it with lead right hands and clever counters. I’d like to believe Guerrero could pull off the upset and humble “Money” Mayweather, but without more compelling evidence of Floyd’s decline, that’s a blind leap of faith I just can’t take.

Mayweather stops Guerrero mid-to-late when things get nasty and Floyd gets sick of Guerrero’s roughhouse tactics. Fists trump faith in Sin City. 

Record: 4-5 [Garcia KO 8 Judah]

Angel Garcia, father/trainer of RING/WBA/WBC junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero:: Listen, Robert Guerrero’s hungry, but when the lights come on, it’s going to be a different level for Guerrero. Not that I’m saying that he’s never been under that sort of light. But it’s a different level.

If Guerrero thinks that he’s ready to take over the thrown, then Guerrero better be at 100 percent of himself. But if not, then I’m picking Floyd Mayweather. I’m picking Floyd Mayweather because he’s a gifted fighter.

Floyd is gifted by God, so that’s why I’m picking Floyd. Guerrero’s a southpaw, so he’s not going to try and go in there and catch Floyd with a left hand or something.

Guerrero is going to try to cut the ring off and counter him. Floyd’s going to try to lean back and catch Guerrero coming in. He’s going to step around and work Guerrero. It will be a decision for Floyd.

Record: 0-0

Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia, unbeaten RING/WBO featherweight champion

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: I believe that the winner will be Floyd Mayweather, not just because he’s my favorite fighter, but because I believe the difference will be his skills as a boxer.

Mayweather’s been in there with the best, and he’s beaten the best, and he’s got the experience in the big fights. He’s got the speed, the footwork and the smarts. Mayweather’s intelligent. He’s got everything needed to win.

I’m thinking that it will be a good fight, and that it will go the distance because Robert Guerrero is a strong guy and a resilient guy. But I’m picking Floyd to win a unanimous decision.

Record: 0-0

Jason Gonzalez, MaxBoxing.com

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: The winner of the “May Day” showdown will be Floyd Mayweather. It will be Floyd Mayweather, and he’s going to win by unanimous decision in a very clear, convincing, easy way.

I’m thinking it will be nine rounds to three, or 10 rounds to two. It might even be a carbon copy of Mayweather’s fight with Juan Manuel Marquez four years ago.

Record: 0-0

Tom Gray, RingTV.com

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero:  Robert Guerrero is high quality but his style, of late, has been to apply pressure and wear the opposition down with a relentless attack.  If that’s the plan in this fight then he will get busted up on the counter and sustain significant facial damage as a result.

Staying on the outside is also a means to an end as Floyd Mayweather is quicker, sharper and light years ahead in terms of defense.  Simply put I don’t believe “The Ghost” can implement a successful fight strategy on May 4.

Guerrero may have the hunger to last the distance but he does not have the talent to win the fight and, in an ironic twist, will likely discover that his own nickname, “The Ghost”, is a more apt description of the man he is facing. Look for the Mayweather right lead and a punishing body assault to work wonders.

Record: 0-0

Lee Groves, RingTV.com

Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 Robert Guerrero: If Robert Guerrero is smart — and I think he is — he has probably reviewed Mayweather’s first fight against Jose Luis Castillo. The Mexican’s bullying and pressure tactics enabled him to out-land Mayweather for the only time in 34 CompuBox-tracked fights.

That pressuring style is, I believe, the main reason why he avoided Antonio Margarito for in 2006 he was a bigger, stronger and better version of Castillo. Mayweather says there’s no blueprint to beat him, but I beg to differ because in my eyes Castillo deserved to win that decision.

Also, Mayweather has shown signs of slippage. While everything from his waist up — especially his boxing IQ — remains in prime form, his legs are nowhere near as springy or mobile. That’s why Mayweather has spent so much time along the ropes as of late.

His hands have also been perpetually fragile and if one looks at his work on the heavy bag he never invests full power on his blows. He saves that for the fight, and intelligently so. But for Mayweather’s growing physical deficits, he will still have enough in the tank to beat Guerrero.

Mayweather surely saw how Andre Berto, who some see as a destitute man’s Mayweather, was able to land flush right uppercuts through the guard time and again. If Guerrero can be hit that fully by Berto, how will a legendary sharpshooter like Mayweather fare? The guess here is pretty darn well. I can see a late round TKO victory for Mayweather, but I’ll opt for the unanimous decision.

Record: 5-4 [Last week: Garcia TKO 10 Judah]

Jack Hirsh, BoxingNews

Robert Guerrero W 12 Floyd Mayweather: I think that Floyd Mayweather’s inactivity over the years is finally going to catch up to him, and that his opposition has been kind of a little soft.

I think that Robert Guerrero is going to just out-hustle Mayweather and keep working and win a very close decision in a big upset.

Record: 0-0

Keith Idec, The Record/BoxingScene.com

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: I like Floyd Mayweather by decision in the fight. Robert Guerrero has to make it a really rough, physical fight, and keep Floyd immobilized to try to make it as competitive of a fight as possible.

Ultimately, though, I don’t think that he has the skill level to outbox Mayweather. Even though Floyd Mayweather is a little slower, and, at 36, doesn’t have the mobility that he once had, he’s still several skill levels above Robert Guerrero, and will win a 12-round unanimous decision.

Record: 2-2 [Last week: Garcia by late-round TKO Judah]

Paulie Malignaggi, WBA welterweight titleholder, former IBF junior welterweight beltholder

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: I’m going with Floyd Mayweather by unanimous decision next Saturday night in a fight that physically tests him. Not that I think Mayweather robs Robert Guerrero.

But I think that Mayweather pulls it out in a competitive fight, but that the scorecards do not reflect the competitiveness of the fight. Just like they didn’t reflect the competitiveness of the fight when Floyd fought Miguel Cotto.

Record: 2-2 [Last pick: Alvarez UD 12 Trout]

Chis Mannix, Sports Illustrated.com

Floyd Mayweather KO 10 Robert Guerrero: I think that Floyd Mayweather wins in a cakewalk. I think that Mayweather’s too fast, too talented, and I think that we’re significantly over-rating Robert Guerrero right now because of a win over Andre Berto, who looked horrible in that fight.

Maybe Guerrero can knock down Berto when he’s trying to the shoulder-roll defense for the first time in his career, but he’s not going to be able to knock down Mayweather, who has done that for his entire career.

The one wild card in all of this is what Mayweather looks like outside of prison, and after a year off and having been out of the gym for months at a time for the first time in his career.

That’s the great unknown. But assuming that Floyd is at least 90 percent of what we saw against Miguel Cotto, he will walk all over Robert Guerrero. I think that Mayweather finishes it with a knockout in the 10th round.

Record: 0-0

Ryan Maquinana, CSNBAYAREA/BoxingScene.com

Robert Guerrero W12 Floyd Mayweather: Up until this year, I’d have to go with Floyd Mayweather. He’s the ultimate puzzle and has been on top of the sport for so long. But given Robert Guerrero’s southpaw tools, ring IQ, and willingness to press Mayweather in sustained attacks on the ropes, it feels like the perfect storm for an upset.

However, Guerrero must take advantage of his rival’s inactivity and 36-year-old legs — as seen against Miguel Cotto –while keeping the fight away from the center of the ring, where the favorite’s hand speed is far superior.

Moreover, the jury’s still out on the dynamic surrounding Floyd’s restructured corner. Also, don’t forget the ultimate question — whether he’ll still fight with the fire of a king who doesn’t care that he’s got a reported $30 million check waiting for him, win or lose.

Record: 5-4 [Last week: Garcia TKO 8 Judah]

Rich Marotta, KFI Radio, Los Angeles

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: I am expecting a long, tough, compelling fight. One of the reasons I say that is because I don’t really believe Floyd Mayweather thinks it will be particularly tough.

In fact, I toyed for a long time with picking Robert Guerrero because I do think he is a live underdog. Guerrero is strorg, confidant, and can fight different styles, including roughhouse. Plus, he is in his prime.

I think the early rounds will belong to Mayweather, and he will build an early lead with quickness and counter-punching, as Robert tries to figure out which way to attack.

I felt I saw the first signs of attrition on Mayweather in the Cotto fight and I expect him to get hit plenty in the second half of this one. I think Guerrero will make it close, but Mayweather will squeeze through with a decision victory.

Record: 5-4 [Last week: Judah UD 12 Garcia]

Kieran Mulvaney, ESPN.com

Floyd Mayweather KO 10 Robert Guerrero: I’m going to pick Floyd Mayweather, possibly by a late stoppage. But I think that Robert Guerrero is going to make it a really, really tough fight. Guerreros’ going to come at Floyd, and he’s going to try and close the gap.

Guerrero is going to work Floyd over, but I think that because Floyd is so good at pulling guys in and making them smother their own punches, that because Guerrero makes it a fight, that he’s going to be there for Floyd’s fast counters, especially up the middle.

So I think that Guerrero is going take to many of them, and that Floyd is going to stop him late. But I think that Floyd is going to be hurting at the end of it. I think that Guerrero is going to make him hurt.

Record: 0-0

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