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Will Mayweather’s fists trump Guerrero’s faith? Insiders weigh-in


Zachary Ochoa, unbeaten junior welterweight prospect

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: I think that the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero is going to be an excellent fight. It’s going to be a great fight.

I see Mayweather really using his technical and ring generalship, meaning his head movement and shot placement in that fight. Guerrero was really aggressive in his past two fights against Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto, but Mayweather is a whole, different type of fighter.

You could see where Andre Berto tried to use almost the Mayweather style of defense, with the shoulder-roll and everything. But Mayweather is a real expert and a master at that, so when Guerrero fights aggressively, that’s what will be waiting for him. But Floyd will also have to understand that he’s not fighting somebody who is going to be like, old.

He’s actually fighting a younger, hungry person in Guerrero who has a lot of confidence and some power. If Guerrero can actually mix it up to make it a brawling fight, it can be exciting. But I think Mayweather will pull out the decision.

Record: 0-0

Mark Ortega, RingTV.com

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: Robert Guerrero will have moments in the same way Oscar De La Hoya and Victor Ortiz did when they were able to semi-successfully pressure Floyd Mayweather against the ropes.

Not that many clean blows landed from either of those past opponents, but with Mayweather’s low punch output, it will be enough for Guerrero to steal a few rounds in a competitive early part of the fight.

Mayweather’s speed will make Guerrero think twice about trying to exchange in the middle of the ring, and he will be ground down over the latter half of the fight, which Mayweather will dominate. The pick is Mayweather via 117-110 with perhaps a flash knockdown of Guerrero.

Record: 0-0

Harry Pratt, RingTV.com

Floyd Mayweather Jr. TKO 11 Robert Guerrero: There may be a debate over his pay-per-view pulling power just now, but there is none when it comes to the fact Floyd Mayweather Jr. is number one in the welterweight division and, pound-for-pound, the best in the business.

Robert Guerrero will attempt to unhinge the WBC titleholder with close-to-the-edge tactics. But when was the last time that seriously worked against the undefeated American?

Exactly. Never. His return to the ring after a stint in the can will be tough until he cranks up the pace and power in the middle to later rounds, forcing an 11th-round TKO.

Record: 2-2 [Last pick: Garcia TKO 7 Judah]

Matt Richardson, Fightnews.com

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: Let’s start by acknowledging what Floyd Mayweather essentially already has: namely, that he’s not what he used to be. Specifically, his legs are not what they once were and that’s been obvious in his last few fights.

As such, expect him to sit him on the ropes more and exchange punches with Robert Guerrero. But it takes more than banging Mayweather to the body along the ropes to beat him.

Guerrero also needs to know how to cut off the ring and how to score points well with a jab, two things I’m not sure he’ll be able to do against Mayweather, even the 36-year-old part-time fighter “Money” has become.

I also remember how Guerrero looked after beating Andre Berto last November. If he got hit that much against Berto, I assume Mayweather will do even more damage.

Mayweather won’t look great but even this version of him will be more than enough to beat the best version of Guerrero. Mayweather by unanimous decision.

Record: 5-4 [Last week: Garcia KO Judah]

Chris Robinson, Hustleboss.com/BoxingScene.com

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: I’m favoring Floyd Mayweather to win a decision over Robert Guerrero. I think some people will be surprised if they are expecting Mayweather to box all night long.

I think Guerrero will give a great account of himself, but I just feel that Mayweather is more versatile in the ring. Floyd is also very focused for this fight, and I expect him to pull out the victory.

Record: 5-3 [Last week: Judah UD 12 Garcia]

Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: Robert Guerrero has improved as much as any fighter in the last decade from where he started. 

That said, it’s hard to imagine a guy who ever dropped decisions to Gamaliel Diaz and Orlando Salido — later erased of course — beating Floyd Mayweather. 

This should have some hot spots in the first six rounds, but Mayweather is still slippery, still accurate, and still quick. Guerrero earned this shot. He’ll make Mayweather earn his win this weekend.

Record: 4-5 [Last week: Garcia W 12 Judah]

Michael Rosenthal, THE RING Magazine

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. has begun to slip to a small degree, and I like Robert Guerrero’s all-around ability, including his toughness.

That said, I still think there is a wide gap in ability between the fighters. Mayweather is still plenty fast and skillful enough to win a clear unanimous decision.

Record: 5-4 [Last week’s pick: Garcia KO 10 Judah]

Joseph Santoliquito/Ring Magazine/RingTV.com/CBS Sports

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: Lay off or no lay off, Floyd Mayweather is still the standard every fighter in the sport should be measured by. His greatness will shine even greater with this victory, much like when Muhammad Ali came back from his exile and reclaimed his greatness.

Mayweather will silence the naysayers he still has out there, because they may not like his personality or his brash ways, but any way you cut it, Mayweather is faster, more skilled and a far greater accurate puncher than Robert Guerrero.

Record: 5-3 [Last week: Alvarez W 12 Trout]

Jon Saraceno, USA Today

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: Floyd Mayweather by decision and, possibly, late-round stoppage over Robert Guerrero. Too classy in the ring. Rust eventually flakes off and boxing’s pound-for-pound kingpin regains a measure of status after one-year hiatus.

Record: 0-0

John Scully, former trainer of RING and WBC lightheavyweight champion Chad Dawson

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: I’m going with Floyd Mayweather by clear decision. I expect Robert Guerrero to make a fight of it for the most part. But until he gives me a reason to think otherwise, I’ll continue to pick Floyd against all opposition. 

Record: 5-2 [Last week: Alvarez W 12 Trout]

Tim Smith, New York Daily News

Floyd Mayweather Jr. W 12 Robert Guerrero: While Robert Guerrero is a very durable, capable champion, he’s never faced anyone like Floyd Mayweather, who does things in the ring that most boxers can’t even imagine. It will be competitive for a while, but Mayweather will take away most of Guerrero’s options. Mayweather by decision.

Record: 0-0

Ryan Songalia, RingTV.com

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: You can’t pick against Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is the best matchmaker in boxing. With Bruce Trampler and Teddy Brenner, author of Only The Ring Was Square, those guys have nothing on Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather knows how to make a Floyd Mayweather fight, and I think that he sees something in Robert Guerrero that makes him feel like it’s not going to be too much for him to handle.

I think that you can never over-state how talented, and how skilled, and how experienced Floyd Mayweather is. I’m sorry, I don’t see anyone beating him. Mayweather by unanimous decision.

Record: 2-2  [Last pick: Donaire W 12 Rigondeaux]

Rob Soucy, BoxingTalk.com

Floyd Mayweather TKO 11 Robert Guerrero: Robert Guerrero is an underdog for good reason. But at this point in his career, Floyd Mayweather can certainly be outworked. “The Ghost” can pull the upset if he executes a near-perfect game plan.

Guerrrero needs to apply effective aggression, doubling and tripling his jab at varied speeds in addition to feinting and generally mixing it up to prevent Mayweather from getting into a rhythm. The busier Guerrero is with his jab, the less predictable his straight left hand will be.

Therefore, Mayweather will be forced to rely on more than just his trademark counter, straight right hand. Guerrero has to land as cleanly and as often as he can, forcing Mayweather to be uncomfortable and into fighting when he doesn’t want to fight.

Without all of the above, coming forward could lead to Guerrero being picked apart and simply hasten his demise against one of the sport’s most accurate punchers. In the end, however, I believe that the difference will be Mayweather’s ability to adjust on the fly.

I see Guerrero getting lazy on the inside, failing to move his head, and getting caught with a right uppercut that he won’t see coming.

Record: 0-0

Ben Thompson, FightHype.com

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: Robert Guerrero is tough, and he’s got a solid chin, so I believe that he will be able to last.

But at the end of the day, it’s the skills that pay the bills. And Floyd Mayweather is head and shoulders above Guerrero in the skills department. That’s it.

Record: 0-0

Bob Velin, USA Today

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: Floyd Mayweather by unanimous decision. Robert Guerrero is as tough and willful of a fighter as there is in the business. Yet he’s not in Mayweather’s class.

Mayweather has the experience, speed and defense to avoid the punishment Guerrero will try to inflict. If Mayweather has one thing working against him, it is the long layoff.

But it didn’t seem to affect him in the Juan Manuel Marquez and Victor Ortiz fights. Of course he was younger then. He’s 36 now, and if ever there was a time he might be vulnerable, this is it.

I think Guerrero will come after him and try to force him into a slugfest. But Mayweather is one of the smartest fighters of this era, and I don’t think he will fall into that trap.

Record: 4-4 [Last week: Alvarez late-round TKO Trout]

Anson Wainwright, RingTV.com

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: For some time now Robert Guerrero has wanted this fight. I give him full credit for what he has achieved in his career, winning titles at 126, 130 and interim belts at 135 before beating a very strong Selcuk Aydin for another interim belt, and then former champion Andre Berto last time out.

However, what he faces Saturday is light years better than anyone he’s ever met before. In Floyd Mayweather, he’s taking on an all-time great who has been terrific at welterweight. I believe the only way Mayweather loses is if age catches up with him, but from what I’ve seen of him in the gym, he looks like anything but an old fighter.
Mayweather was clinical and very precise with his punches in sparring. He seemed to be focusing on the body. I believe that Mayweather has seen the one time Guerrero was hurt was by body shots against Michael Katsidis, and think he’ll look at that particular area on fight night. I’m going with Mayweather to win decision something like 9-3 on the cards, translating into 117-111.

Record: 0-0

Micky Ward, retired former titleholder

Floyd Mayweather W 12 Robert Guerrero: I do believe that it’s going to be a better and more difficult fight for Floyd Mayweather than people think, but I just believe that Floyd’s too fast and that he’s got too much experience.

But the fight is going to be more entertaining and more difficult than people think. I don’t think that it will be a blowout, but I think that Floyd will win over the distance because Robert Guerrero is a good, tough kid.

Record: 0-0

Michael Woods, ESPN.com

Floyd Mayweather UD 12 Robert Guerrero: Floyd Mayweather is the smartest fighter in the business, apart from Bernard Hopkins. Robert Guerrero is a good, but not great fighter. Floyd Mayweather still is great. He has slipped, I believe, maybe a half a notch.

You’ve heard that he said that his father is not happy with all of the shots he’s been taking recently. Is that his trainer, or is that actually him slipping a little bit? But even so, has he slipped enough so that a Robert Guerrero can beat him? No. Floyd Mayweather, unanimous decision.

Record: 0-0


By an overwhelming total of 37-3, the experts believe that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will vanquish Robert Guerrero in defense of his WBC welterweight belt, rising to 44-0.


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