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Who wins Peterson-Matthysse, no ifs, ands or belts?

Chris Robinson, Hustleboss.com/BoxingScene.com

Lucas Matthysse W 12 Lamont Peterson: A really a terrific matchup, here. I could go back and forth all day on this fight, but I just find myself learning slightly toward Lucas Matthysse.

We’ve seen Lamont Peterson knocked down in the past, and although he has shown tremendous resilience, I am not sure how he will react to a big shot from Matthysse.

I expect Peterson to have his share of great moments, especially in the middle rounds. But I think Matthysse will do enough to pull out a hard-fought decision.

Record: 6-3 [Mayweather W 12 Guerrero]


Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Lucas Matthysse KO Lamont Peterson: This fight is as intriguing as anything this year.  Lamont Peterson is a terrible starter.

He got off slow against Tim Bradley, Victor Ortiz, Amir Khan, Kendall Holt…and was a handful by bout’s end for all.  Lucas Matthysse is more dangerous than any of them early, and has shown the ability to keep bringing it all night.

It would be no surprise to see this one end early, Peterson caught before he can warm up. It’s more likely to see Matty off to a strong start and then rallying to stop a dramatic comeback.

Record: 5-5 [Mayweather W 12 Guerrero]


Michael Rosenthal, THE RING Magazine

Lamont Peterson UD 12 Lucas Matthysse: I think one could make very good arguments for both fighters, but I lean toward Lamont Peterson, who I think is tough enough to stand up to what Lucas Matthysse dishes out and boxes and moves a little better than the Argentine. Peterson by close unanimous decision.

Record: 6-4 [Mayweather UD 12 Guerrero]


Joseph Santoliquito/THE RING Magazine/RingTV.com/CBS Sports

Lucas Matthysse KO 10 Lamont Peterson: A Lucas Matthysse victory here sets the stage, I feel, for a mega-showdown with junior welterweight world champion Danny Garcia.

Matthysse may have a little too much firepower for Lamont Peterson, who has had some doubts about him over his last few performances.

Record: 7-3 [Mayweather W 12 Guerrero]


John Scully, former trainer of RING and WBC lightheavyweight champion Chad Dawson

Lamont Peterson W 12 Lucas Matthysse: I’m going to again go with an upset: Lamont Petersen by 12-round decision over Lucas Matthysse. I think that the hand speed will be the surprising difference in this one.

Record: 6-2 [Mayweather W 12 Guerrero]


Rob Soucy, BoxingTalk.com

Lucas Matthysse TKO 8 Lamont Peterson: Lucas Matthysse is pound for pound the biggest puncher in boxing, having only lost disputed decisions on the home turfs of Devon Alexander and Zab Judah.

Lamont Peterson is coming off of an impressive knockout victory over Kendall Holt, but will need to box carefully to win this fight. Against a murderous puncher like Matthysse, a fighter makes one mistake and it could be lights out.

The prediction here is that Peterson stays disciplined early in the fight, but at some point, he will mix it up with Matthysse, and that could very well cost him.

I look for Peterson to be winning the bout until he gets caught and knocked out in the mid to late rounds setting up a huge fight between Matthysse and 140-pound champion Danny Garcia. Matthysse TKO 8 Peterson.

Record: 1-0 [Mayweather TKO 11 Guerrero]


Bob Velin, USA Today

Lamont Peterson SD 12 Lucas Matthysse: This is a very hard fight to pick. Lucas Matthysse has the edge in power, though Lamont Peterson’s no slouch in that department, either. I think Peterson’s boxing skills and quickness are superior to Matthysse, and both fighters have an excellent chin.

This could end up being a toe-to-toe slugging match, and rounds will be very hard to score. But if it is real close, the edge goes to Peterson. Matthysse has been screwed more than once by American judges, and it could happen again in Atlantic City. Peterson’s will to win could be the difference.

Record: 5-4 [Mayweather UD 12 Guerrero]


Anson Wainwright, RingTV.com

Lamont Peterson W 12 Lucas Matthysse: This is a very intriguing bout, in what looks like a can’t miss action fight. Lucas Matthysse has devastating power, while Lamont Peterson likes to stay in the pocket, work the body and use his volume punching, he has to be very smart and not get caught at mid range in a shoot out with “The Machine”.
Both guys are in there primes, I lean slightly though with no real conviction as it’s very finely balanced towards Peterson. I think Peterson has the perfect game to frustrate Matthysse, plus is as tough as they come to ride out a few tough spots to win a decision 115-113.

Record: 1-0 [Mayweather W 12 Guerrero]


Michael Walters, Washington, D.C., guest, All-In-Entertainment

Lamont Peterson W 12 Lucas Matthysse: I like Lamont Peterson to win a close decision over Lucas Matthysse that some in the media will lose their minds about. He will get knocked down at some point in the fight, but will still do enough to eek out a win.

I wish this fight wasn’t taking place at a catchweight, because these are arguably the two best junior welterweights in the world and it should be for more than bragging rights.

Record: 0-0


By the narrow margin of 11-9, the experts have Lucas Matthysse edging Lamont Peterson in their non-title, 141-pound bout.


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