RingTV.com poll: Fans not sure of Canelo’s chances

While not counting Saul “Canelo” Alvarez out, many fans are unsure if the 22-year-old junior middleweight champ is ready to topple future hall-of-famer Floyd Mayweather when they meet on Sept. 14, according to a recent RingTV.com poll that received more than 8,000 votes.

The poll asked if Alvarez has a shot at beating Mayweather, and 45 percent of the votes selected “some.”

A fair amount of votes, 21.8 percent, selected “none,” indicating the view of many hardcore fans that the still-developing Mexican star is in over his head.

However, Alvarez’s popularity spoke with the 17.8 percent that selected “lots,” while 11 percent of the votes went to the “Mayweather’s getting knocked out” option.

Only 4.8 percent of the votes selected “Alvarez’s getting knocked out.”

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