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Broner brings ‘the girlfriend’ to press conference


BROOKLYN, N.Y. – The drama between Paulie Malignaggi and Adrien Broner continued at the final press conference at Barclays Center on Thursday afternoon.

Broner has been antagonizing Malignaggi by referring to a woman who claimed to be Malignaggi’s ex-girlfriend. It has been going on throughout the promotion. Broner upped the hostilities when he brought the woman to the final press conference. He wanted her to sit on the dais with him and Malignaggi, and even threatened to boycott the press event if the promoters didn’t allow it.

Golden Boy Promotions and reps from Barclays held firm, probably fearing a melee might erupt if they allowed it, and Broner eventually showed up with the woman in tow. She sat in the audience.

Most boxing press conferences are circus events anyway, designed to attract interest and hopefully sell more tickets. But what Broner has been doing is tasteless even by boxing standards. Even if local TV cameras had shown up they could not have broadcast much of the press conference on a newscast because most of it was so vulgar. Broner certainly has struck a chord with Malignaggi, who feels the need to respond to Broner every time he gets poked.

But Malignaggi did have one moment of clarity in a shot that he took at Broner before launching in a diatribe against the woman.

“Everything wrong with boxing is in this room with Adrien Broner,” Malignaggi said. “He’s got the talent, but he doesn’t have the rest of the package.”

Click here to see an interview with the woman in question.



Count Adrien Broner among the boxing fans who aren’t overwhelmed by the action in the heavyweight division, particularly where Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko are concerned.

“I salute the Klitschkos. Good boxers, great heavyweights,” he said. “But at the end of the day when you watch them fight it’s like you’re reading a book that you’re not interested in. They really don’t give you much. They’re heavyweights. It doesn’t take much for a heavyweight to knock somebody out. At the end of the day you want to see action. You want to see a little flash here. You want to see a little showboating here. I’m going to give you a show.”



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