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Stevenson shuts out, TKO’S Cloud round-by-round updates



RingTV.com has live, round-by-round updates on this page for Saturday night’s light heavyweight bout as RING and WBC champion Adonis “Superman” Stevenson dominated all seven rounds against former IBF beltholder Tavoris “Thunder” Cloud, whose cornerman stopped the fightt for a TKO victory in Montreal and on HBO.

Stevenson (22-1, 18 knockouts) scored his 10th straight stoppage victory, having primarily campaigned as a 168-pounder before scoring June’s 76-second stoppage that dethroned RING 175-pound champion Chad Dawson in Montreal.

Meanwhile, Cloud (24-2, 19 KOs), who was bleeding profusely from both eyes,  had been derailed as IBF beltholder via unanimous decision loss to 48-year-old Bernard Hopkins in March.

Stevenson out-landed Cloud, 108-to-36, overall, and 85-to-15 in power punches.

The HBO broadcast begins at 10:15 p.m. ET/ PT.

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Stevenson vs. Cloud live blog

Refresh this page often for updates.

Referee: Michael Griffin

Judges:  Steve Morrow, Daniel Van de Wiele, Claude Paquette.


Tavoris Cloud enters the arena first wearing army fatigue motif. Promoter Don King is with Cloud.

Adonis Stevenson enters wearing the Kronk Gym colored yellow trunks, with “Adonis” on the waist and red “Superman” cape.. 

Ring announcer Michael Buffer: LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!


Round 1: Crowd chanting “Superman!!” Here we go. Stevenson has broken a sweat. So has Cloud. Cloud pursuing. Jabbing. Stevenson, a southpaw, circling. Cloud lands right, Stevenson, a slight left. Cloud jabbing, reaching with right. Little landed. Probing punches. Clean double-left by Stevenson bothers Cloud. Maybe thumbed. Cloud’s left eye seems to bother him as he covers up. Brief advantage to Stevenson. Cloud’s recovered. Decent straight left by Stevenson. Cloud’s right hand falling short. Stevenson, 10-9.

Round 2:.Cloud’s corner wants him to be busier. “You took his best shot,” says Al Bonanni. Vaseline caked on Cloud’s bearded chin. Stevenson’s getting comfortable. Stevenson takes a double-jab, but Stevenson’s boxing well, jabbing and following with his left. Decent jab by Stevenson, and another. Two left hands for Stevenson to the body. Hard left by Stevenson. Cloud misses a wild puch and goes down. It’s a slip. Another couple of lefts, one an uppercut, by Stevenson prior to the bell. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 20-18.

Round 3:. Cloud’s a step too slow and off the mark with his punches. Stevenson getting the edge with his jab and counter left. Good left uppercut from Stevenson, and the constant jab. Decent left counter by Stevenson. Another left by Stevenson pops back Cloud’s head. Good lateral movement by Stevenson, and another left hand delivered. Cloud’s a willing partner, following along. Two more jabs by Stevenson, and one by Cloud. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 30-27.

Round 4:.Stevenson’s trainer, Sugar Hill, wants him to sit down on his punches. Harold Lederman has it 3-0 for Stevenson. Stevenson nails Cloud with lefts and rights on the ropes. Stevenson steps it up, landing that hard left to the eye. Cloud’s left eye has begun to bleed. Cloud’s trying but falling short with his reaching right hand. Cloud’s landing to the body, but takes a hard left to the eye and then another. Stevenson mugs, clowns, holds hands wide. Stevenson lands hard to the body, then rises to the head with both hands. Crowd is loving it. Cloud’s befuddled. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 40-36.

Round 5:. Cloud’s clearly cut over his left eye, right on the eyelid. So far, very easy, comfortable night for Stevenson, who was told to go to the body more. Stevenson warned for rough housing on the break. Cloud goes down. Another slip by referee Michael Griffin. More of the same. Stevenson pitching, Cloud catching. Cloud’s displaying a solid chin, but little else. Stevenson’s circling left, then right, jabbing all the while. Solid left uppercut by Stevenson. Left by Cloud, but only grazing. Jab by Stevenson prior to the bell. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 50-45.   

Round 6:. Hill tells Stevenson that Cloud’s ready to go. Wants the left hand down the middle. Stevenson’s breathing heavier. Takes a left and two straight rights. Decent shots. Nice left uppercut by Stevenson, and a right by Cloud. Two grazing lefts by Cloud and a right. Best touches for Cloud in the fight. Right to the body by Stevenson, four hard lefts by Stevenson and a left uppercut as well. Hard left to the head and a right to the body by Stevenson. Good stuff. Double left to the body and head by Stevenson. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 60-54.

Round 7:. Again, Hill advises Stevenson to “step to” Cloud. Cloud’s corner says Stevenson’s getting tired. We shall see. Stevenson’s back on the stick with the jab. Lederman has it a shutout for Stevenson. Cloud’s Hard left by Stevenson. Another left knocks Cloud backward. Stevenson’s at ring center, hands down, clowning. Cloud’s right eye begins to bleed. Cloud’s getting busted up. Hard left and right by Stevenson. Easy work. Lots of blood pouring from Cloud’s right eye. Left on the top of Cloud’s head legitimately wobbles Cloud. Stevenson pounds away at the bell. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 70-63.



Photo by Will Hart, HBO

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