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Chavez Jr UD 10 Vera live round-by-round updates



RingTV.com has live, round-by-round updates on this page for Saturday night’s 173-pound catchweight bout during which former WBC middleweight titleholder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. won by unanimous decision over Bryan Vera at the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif.

As the weigh-in approached and it became clear that Chavez Jr. wouldn’t make the originally contracted super middleweight limit of 168, a deal was reached between Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, promoter of Chavez Jr. (47-1-1, 32 knockouts), and Artie Pelullo, who handles Vera (23-7, 14 KOs), for the fighters to meet at the new mark.

Vera out-landed Chavez, 176-125, overall, and, 109-98 in power shots.

The HBO broadcast begins at 10:15 p.m. ET/ PT.

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Chavez Jr. vs. Vera live blog

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Referee:  Lou Moret

Judges: Carla Caiz, Marty Denkin and Gwen Adair have it 96-94, 97-93, and, 98-92, all for Chavez Jr.


RingTV.com has it for Vera, 97-93; HBO’s Steve Weisfeld has it for Vera, 96-94

Round 1: Chavez looks big. Circling. Jabbing. Vera stalking. Decent up-jab by Vera. Chavez relaxed and blocking well. Another good couple of jabs by Vera and a left ook. Long right by Chavez and a right to the body. Hook by Chavez. Solid couple of Chavez jabs and a right with movement. Chavez is landing cleanly. Good right but missed left by Vera. Wide left hook by Chavez. Chavez, 10-9

Round 2:.Trainer Ronnie Shields admonishes Vera for following; Chavez is told to stay behind his jab. Each fighter landed eight punches in the first round. Vera gets off early with a nice four-punch combination in the corner. Chavez wins an exchange, punctuated by a left hook. Decent uppercut by Vera. Two nice up-jabs for Vera. Vera is clearly smaller. Good right by Chavez. Bothersome jab by Vera. Chavez has redness around both eyes. Missed right by Vera. Good left to the head and body for Vera. Two up-jabs for Vera. Two hooks by Chavez. Vera, 10-9; Even, 19-19.

Round 3:.Chavez Sr. likes what he sees in Chavez Jr. Chavez out-landed, 16-10, in second. Decent hooks by Vera. Good work. Good left hooks to the head and body by Chavez, which move Vera. Again, Chavez is clearly the bigger man and puncher. Double-left hook for Vera. Jab, jab, right hand and hook all by Vera. Vera going nicely to the body. Right uppercut and straight left by Vera. Good work. Decent left hook by Chavez. Overhand right and a left by Vera, who takes a couple of lead right hands. Good hustle for Vera, who continues to get off first. Vera, 10-9; Vera, 29-28

Round 4:.Daddy Chavez wants his son to be busier. Vera out-landed Chavez, 21-13, in the second round. HBO’s Steve Weisfeld has it for Vera, 29-28. Vera continues to hustle. Chavez’s hands down. Lots of pressure from Vera. Good body work by Vera. Chavez misses a right. Decent left hook by Chavez. Vera’s still coming and throwing. Three-punch combo to the body from Vera. Pesky up-jabs from Vera. Left to the body from Chavez, whose left eye is beginning to swell. Good uppercut from Chavez, but Vera’s still busier. Two right hands by Chavez. Right by Vera. Vera, 10-9; Vera, 39-37.

Round 5:. Shields likes what he sees, wants more uppercuts. Vera out-landed Chavez, 17-13, in the fourth. Weisfeld has the fight even at 38-38. Two good rights and a body shot by Chavez. Chavez is loading up. Three-punch combo by Chavez, who takes a right and a left. Right and left by Chavez. Chavez’s arms down. Clubbing right by Vera during a clinch. Lead left by Chavez, and a hard right by Chavez. Chavez is complaining about low blows. Short left uppercut by Chavez gives him the edge in a close round. Chavez, 10-9; Vera, 48-47.

Round 6:. Chavez has out-landed Vera in power shots, 49-43 so far. Hard right WOBBLES VERA. Another right hurts Vera, who still is game. Good left by Vera fighting back. Decent right by Chavez. Another right by Chavez, who moves away. Decent hook by Vera. Left to the body and right to the head by Chavez. Left hook by Vera. Left hook by Chavez. Right, left, right by Vera. Chavez, 10-9; Even, 57-57.

Round 7:. Shields tells Vera to feint, not be macho. Chavez out-landed Vera, 20-17, in sixth. Weisfeld has it even at 57-57. Chavez landing hard blows, including a straight right that swivels Vera’s head. Good left from Chavez. Decent lead right by Vera. Jab by Vera. Jab, jab, right by Vera. Right by Chavez. Chavez’s hands down. Good lead right by Vera. Jab, jab, six-punch combo by Vera, but is ROCKED by a left prior to the end of the round. Vera, 10-9; Vera, 67-66.

Round 8:. Vera out-landed Chavez, 22-12, in the seventh. This is a close fight. Vera’s out-hustling Chavez. Jab, jab by Vera, who takes a left to the body and a hard right to the head. Double-left uppercut from Vera. Jab, jab, jab, right uppercut by Vera. Chavez looks tired. Vera uppercuts and moves away. Body shot by Chavez, who takes a six punch combo ending with a right by Vera. Another Chavez body shot. Vera, 10-9; Vera, 77-75.

Round 9: Shields tells Vera ‘Two more rounds for the upset of the year!!” Weisfeld has it even 76-76. Vera hammers Chavez to the ropes with a volley of blows. Chavez’s right eye is closing. Chavez is moving forward. Jab, jab by Vera, who takes a right. Good body shot from Chavez. Right and left to the body from Vera. Vera lands on the left hip of Chavez, and then lands three more blows inside. Good left hook to the head by Vera, who takes one to the body. Right, left, right for Vera, who takes a hard right. Another hard right by Chavez. Three-punch combo to the head for Vera. Right prior to the bell for Chavez. Vera, 10-9; Vera, 87-84.

Round 10:. Daddy Chavez says “you gotta win this one,” referring to the final round. Weisfeld has it, 86-85, Vera. Chavez is retreating, then, moving forward, but Vera’s busier. Vera’s smiling, lands a left and a right then three jabs. Chavez fires a right and a lef and a right, then takes three blows in return. Solid shots to the body by Chavez– two of them. Vera’s up-jab scores twice. Busy right and left by Vera. Right by Chavez. Left to the body by Chavez. Three jabs by Vera. Hard right by Chavez. Four jabs by Vera. Hard left to the body by Chavez. Vera’s on the ropes and takes three shots to the body. Vera’s mugging as the bell sounds, confident of victory. Vera, 10-9; Vera, 97-93.


RingTV.com has it for Vera, 97-93; Weisfeld has it for Vera, 96-94


Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank

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