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Pacquiao-Rios camp fracas: Roach, Ariza, Garcia

The Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios camps got into an obscenity-laced fracas on Wednesday in Macau, where they will fight on Saturday.

The altercation was between Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach and Rios’ trainer Robert Garcia, and also included former Pacquiao conditioning coach, Alex Ariza, who later engaged in an obscenity-laced tirade with Roach that nearly turned violent.

“There were many cameras and reporters there. I don’t know why none of them are putting up exactly what happened. I don’t know what HBO’s 24/7 is going to put up,” Garcia said during the Wednesday evening press conference, which was streamed live from The Venetian Macao.

“But I want to invite everybody. Everybody who is holding a camera here and everybody who is sitting down here, and [Top Rank CEO] Bob Arum, himself, to go to ESNEWSReporting.com so they can see exactly what happened, from beginning to end. Every word that was said, and everything that was said. Go to ESNEWSReporting.com, because that’s where you’re going to see exactly what happened. I don’t know what 24/7 is going to put up. I don’t know what every other reporter is saying. But that’s the question that everyone is asking us… There are plenty of reporters and photographers that are putting pictures up that are making us look bad.”

During his turn, Roach accused Elie Seckbach, a videographer and owner of ESNEWSReporting, of being biased toward Garcia.

“Yeah, go watch that website because that’s his friend, and he edited it for him,” said Roach. “I mean, how dumb is that?” 

During a subsequent interview, Arum addressed the situation.

“This is okay in an event in the United States, but we’re going to throw huge security around this, because this is not something that is appreciated by the Chinese,” said Arum. “I think that with all of this undercurrent that is going on, it’s going to be like [Marvin] Hagler-[Thomas] Hearns. They’re going to go out and try to kill each other.” 

Below are videos of the incident.

Click here for one video of the altercation

Click here for another video of the altercation posted by Seckbach

Click here for a third video of the altercation distributed by HBO


Video / Ryan Songalia

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