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Q&A: Maidana aims to put Broner ‘to sleep’


Believing that he has little chance of being awarded a decision on Dec. 14, welterweight contender Marcos Maidana plans to “go for the knockout” or to “make” WBA beltholder Adrien “The Problem” Broner “quit” when they meet on Showtime at The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

A 30-year-old puncher from Argentina, Maidana (34-3, 31 knockouts) will be after his fourth straight stoppage victory against Broner (27-0, 22 KOs), a 24-year-old talent who is coming off a split-decision that dethroned Paulie Malignaggi in his 147-pound debut in June.

In August, Maidana signed a contract with high-powered boxing manager/advisor Al Haymon, a move that helped to secure the fight with Broner, one of the many fighters who is advised by Haymon, including Floyd Mayweather Jr., Danny Garcia, Peter Quillin and Deontay Wilder.

Maidana admits to having had trouble with skillful boxer-punchers such as Broner in the past, including IBF beltholder Devon Alexander, and Amir Khan and technicians, such as Andriy Kotelnik, who have beaten him. Experienced ex-beltholders Erik Morales and DeMarcus Corley troubled Maidana before losing decisions.

Maidana was even dropped three times while scoring two knockdowns during a sixth-round knockout win over future 147-pound beltholder Victor Ortiz in June of 2009. Still, he contends that his past experiences in those fights will help him against Broner.

In addition, since falling to Alexander in his 147-pound debut last February, Maidana has aligned with trainer Robert Garcia, who also handles fighters such as Rios, Nonito Donaire, Mikey Garcia and Brandon Rios.

Under Garcia, Maidana has won three consecutive bouts by stoppage, including Jesus Soto Karass and Josesito Lopez.

Although Garcia is currently with Rios in Macau in advance of Saturday’s welterweight bout with Manny Pacquiao, Maidana told RingTV.com (through translator Henry Gonzalez) that he is working with two of Garcia’s assistants and that he has not missed a beat in training. 


RingTV.com: Does it affect you that Garcia is in China with Rios right now? Who is working with you right now, how long has that been going on, and when do you expect Garcia to return?

Marcos Maidana: It doesn’t affect me. I trained very hard with Robert prior to Robert’s leaving for China, and Robert left me a set of things to do while he’s out in China.

But when Robert returns from China on Monday, we’ll get right back at it. In the meantime, Robert has been keeping track, and I’ve been keeping myself busy and staying in shape with some really good help.

I’ve working with Edgar Quiros and also Arturo Tover. They’ve been working with me since I arrived from Argentina from day one in camp. They’ve been right there with Robert. I’ve only been without Robert for about maybe a week and a half since Robert left for China. 

RTV: Did it help, experience-wise, in any way that you’ve already had a bout with a boxer like Alexander heading into the Broner fight?

MM: No, it really didn’t help that much. Not at all. Adrien Broner is another fighter and so is Devon Alexander, you know? 

RTV: Do you feel that it is accurate that you have been troubled by fighters such as Alexander, Khan, Morales, Kotelnik and even Corley?

MM:  Once I started working with Robert, Robert helped to change my game for the better. I’ve learned to use the jab a little bit better. You can see that from the past few fights that I’ve had with Robert.

I’ve been able to use the jab and I’m able to cut off the ring a lot better. I’m more of a fighter than just a brawler, now. Robert has helped me out with that a lot.

I’ve been sparring with guys that are helping out, and who are fighters who can box like Adrien Broner. I’m looking good in my sparring sessions and in camp, and I’m looking good for Adrien Broner.

RTV:  How does Broner stack up in comparison to some of the best fighters you’ve faced, like Alexander, Khan, Morales, Kotelnik, Ortiz and Corley?

MM: I can’t compare Adrien to them, because those other guys are guys who have fought other guys who are very good. Broner hasn’t fought anybody that great.

But he’s going to fight me now and he’s going to find out that he’s in for a fight. Adrien Broner is going to fight somebody this time who is going to put him to sleep, you know? 

RTV: So you’re saying that you’re going to knock him out? 

MM: I’m not sure what round I’m going to stop him in but I’m going to go straight for the knockout. That’s what I’m training to do because of the fact that if it goes the distance well I haven’t had good luck in those fights.

So I think that if I don’t win by knockout, then I’m not going to win the fight. I think that Broner is the favored guy, and the media and everybody wants him to win.

I know for a fact that I have to go for the knockout, and I believe that the knockout is going to come. I don’t know what round, but I know that the knockout is going to come.

RTV: Is there a good guy role and a bad guy role for this fight, and, if so, who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?

MM: In regard to that, the fans don’t like Broner, so in this fight, I think that I’m the favorite with the fans. But I don’t think that will be a factor if the fight goes to the cards.

I don’t think that it will be a factor that I’m a favorite with the fans, because they want Broner to win. They want him to keep going.

RingTV.com: By ‘they,’ are you referring to the proverbial powers that be? 

MM: Yes. Exactly.


RTV: What about Broner’s style do you believe that you can capitalize on and what manner does he have to execute to accomplish his goal?

MM: I think that my advantage will be that Adrien Broner is a guy that stays in one spot and likes to take punches and try to block punches. But he’ll drop his guard at some point.

When he does that, that will help me, because once he puts his guard down and stays in one spot, you know what the outcome is going to be. 

I’m going to cut off the ring and I’m going to make him stand still and fight and throw a lot of punches at him from the time that the bell rings. I’m never going to allow him to get comfortable in the fight. 

I’m not going to let him get going on his plan of work. I’m going to make Adrien Broner as uncomfortable as I can. That will lead to the stoppage. 

I know for a fact that once he feels my punches and my power, that Adrien Broner will either quit or end up getting knocked out, because he has never been tested. Trust me: I have the power to knock him out.



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Photo by  Soobum Im, Hogan Photos, Golden Boy Promotions

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