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Pacquiao UD 12 Rios live round-by-round updates


RingTV.com has a live round-by-round update of tonight’s welterweight unanimous decision by eight-division titlewinner Manny Pacquiao over rising junior welterweight contender Brandon Rios from Macau on HBO Pay Per View. 

Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 knockouts), who turns 35 next month, had lost two straight — a disputed split decision to current WBO welterweight beltholder Tim Bradley last June and by sixth-round stoppage to Juan Manuel Marquez last December. 

Meanwhile Rios, (31-2-1, 23 KOs), who is 27, was coming off a unanimous-decision loss to Mike Alvarado in March that avenged Alavarado’s seventh-round stoppage loss in October of 2012.

Pacquiao weighed in on Friday at 145 pounds, and re-hydrated to 150, while Rios weighed 146.5 and re-hydrated to 159. Rios stands 5-foot-8 to Pacquiao’s 5-6 and a half.

Pacquiao out-landed Rios, 281-to-138 overall, and, 223-to-113 in power shots. 

Three-division titlewinner Miguel Cotto and newly-crowned WBO 140-pound titleholder Ruslan Provodnikov were at ringside for the bout. 

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Pacquiao vs. Rios

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Referee:  Genaro Rodriguez

Judges:  Manfred Kuechler, Lisa Giampa and  Michael Pernick had it 118-110, 119-109, and, 120-108, respectively, all for Pacquiao. 

RingTV.com has it for Pacquiao, 119-109; Lederman has it 120-108 for Pacquiao. 

Michael Buffer is in the ring, United States and Philippines national anthems sung by Jessica Sanchez, and it’s about time for the fight to be on!!!!!!


Rios is the first to enter the arena wearing a white robe with a green sleeve on the right, red on the left, and green gloves. Rios is being booed. Absent from Rios’ ring walk is strength and conditioning guru, Alex Ariza, who was involved in that pre-fight altercation with Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach.

Pacquiao enters the ring and is roundly cheered by the partisan fans. Pacquiao, next to Roach, acknowledges the fans as he enters the arena. Smiling. Looks like the old Manny Pacquiao. Energized.


Buffer: “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!” 

Loud boos as Rios is introduced, stripped to his green sleeveless shirt with white lettering; Pacquiao the complete opposite. Loud cheers. Crowd already chanting Pacquiao’s name.


RingTV.com has it for Pacquiao, 119-109; Lederman has it 120-108 for Pacquiao. 


Round 1: Rios circling, hands held high, jabbing. Pacquiao reaches with a straight left to the body. Rios does look bigger. Straight left to the head by Pacquiao. Right and left by Pacquiao. Right uppercut by Rios. Crowd chanting Pacquiao’s name. Long straight left and two more lefts. Solid jab by Pacquiao in between. Rios down, but ruled a slip. Double-left by Pacquiao. Rios pounds with his right hand about four times during a clinch. Double-left by Pacquiao, who also lands a right and a left to the body. Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 2: Pacquiao out-landed Rios, 20-5, in the first round. More double-lefts from Pacquiao. Rios pounds the body pretty well, four shots during one session, six during another. Rios comes in with his hands held high. Three lefts by Pacquiao and then a right to the body. Rios seems to be taking the shots well. Rios pounds twice to the body and lands a right left to the head that have Pacquiao retreating somewhat. Right to the body and to the head by Pacquiao. Five-punch combination by Pacquiao. Rios comes back with a left and a right along the ropes. Hard right to the head by Rios. Rios is landing well to the body. Hard left by Pacquiao. Four lefts by Pacquiao, one of the head-swiveling variety. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 20-18.


Round 3: Pacquiao has landed 42 power shots to 18 for Rios over the first two rounds. Rios is steady with his jab. Pacquiao’s landing the left and moving well. Triple-jab by the southpaw Pacquiao. Pacquiao’s landing the left well and moving, but takes a clubbing right. Pacquiao’s boxing more than we’ve seen. Rios lands a long right and a jab. Rios pounds up the middle with his uppercuts. Solid hook by Rios. Pacuiao backs off. Hard right hands landing by Rios. Rios lands to the body on the ropes. Rios is stalking well. Rios’ right hand starts to land, as does a left to the body prior to the bell. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 30-27


Round 4: Pacquiao is ahead, 30-27, on the card of Harold Lederman. Pacquiao landed 17-to-16 for Rios in round 3. Pacquiao’s off to a good start in the fourth behind the left and his jab. Rios pounds away during the clinch. Rios lands a nice right. Pacqauiao’s not moving Rios as much as he has other opponents.  Rios is determined, but still being out-worked. Nice lead left by Pacquiao. Left and right by Pacquiao, who dances away. Pacquiao clinches and appears to be laboring more than usual. Pacquiao lands a left at the bell. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 40-36.


Round 5: Lederman has it for Pacquiao, 40-36. Pacquiao gets off early, but is clinching often. Solid left hand by Pacquiao. Rios smiles. Pacquiao’s continuing to pot-shot Four solid left hands to the body and one to the head by Pacquiao. Rios has not been able to land so far in the round. Pacquiao’s hooking with his right hand. Rios pounds the body with his free right hand during a clinch. Pacquiao’s continuing to get off, however, with both hands and move away. Five-punch combination from Pacquiao. Double-jab by Rios as the round ends. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 50-45.


Round 6: Pacquiao out-landed Rios, 22-9, in round 5. Pacquiao continues to beat Rios to the punch. Rios warned for a low blow. Pacquiao’s not being made to pay for leading with the left. No counters from Rios. Decent right from Rios. Rios takes a right uppercut. Nice left to the body by Rios. Solid left to the body and two more to the head by Pacquiao. Lead left by Pacquiao. Another lead left by Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a right to the body and a left to the head. Another left to the head by Rios, who takes two lefts that swivel his head. Hard right by Pacquiao. Rios is bleeding from the left eye. Left hook by Rios. Left and a right by Pacquiao before the bell. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 60-54.


Round 7: Lederman has it 60-54 for Pacquiao, who has a 139-to76 advantage in overall punches landed in the fight. Rios can not get off. Both of Rios’ eyes are swelling. Pacquiao lands six jabs. Pacquiao vires a left and three rights. Rios pounds two lefts to the body. Pacquiao’s getting off with the left and the right. Rios lands a right. Two left uppercuts from Pacquiao. Two lefts, a right, and a left by Pacquiao. Pacquiao’s just landing at will. Rios is simply following. Right hook by Pacquiao. Rios can’t close the distance. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 70-63.


Round 8: Lederman has it 70-63 for Pacquiao. Rios is making it easy for Pacquiao. Pacquiao fires four jabs and moves away. Pacquiao fires a five-punch combination. Rios pounds with the right hand during a clinch. Pacqauiao fires two lefts to the head and a right hook to the head. One-two for Pacquiao. Rios landed a three-punch combination in between, but he’s not busy enough. Hard right hand by Pacquiao. Long left by Rios. Double-left by Pacquiao, followed by two rights and a left prior to the bell. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 80-72.


Round 9: Pacquiao rips two early straight left hands. Rios has to force the action or he will be shut out.  Six-punch combination by Pacquiao. Two lefts by Pacquiao, who takes a right hand. Two lefts by Pacquiao, right to the body by Rios. Decent right by Rios, but it’s not enough. Another right by Rios, but Pacquiao comes back with a left and a right. Rios lands another right. Good exchange. Pacquiao double-jabs and throws a left before moving away. Left and a right to the head by Pacquiao. Left hook in a clinch from Rios. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 90-81.


Round 10:  Rios never has adjusted to the lead and counter-lefts from Pacquiao, who leads, 90-81, on Lederman’s card. Pacquiao double’s with the jab and goes with the right to the body. Solid right by Rios. Pacquiao’s having an easy night. Four-punch combination by Pacquiao, and another. Rios can’t catch him. Six-punch combination by Pacquiao. Lead left by Pacquiao. Nice jab by Rios. Hard left by Pacquiao and a right. The sequence is repeated twice more by Pacquiao. Two lead lefts by Pacquiao. Decent right by Rios, who hasn’t landed it enough. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 100-90.


Round 11: Rios out-landed, 21-5, in round 10. Early jabs and movement by Pacquiao, and an occasional left. Rios fires the occasional right during a clinch. Right hook by Paquiao. Left hook by Rios. Another hook by Rios. Left to the body by Rios. His best round so far. Two jabs with a right in the middle from Rios. Grazing left hook by Rios. Straight left by Pacquiao. Rios, 10-9; Pacquiao, 109-100.


Round 12:  Lederman has it 110-to-99 for Pacquiao, who continues to box and move effectively. Rios’ face is a mess. Pacquiao’s just pot-shotting. Not pressing the action. Rios is just being targeted, bleeding profusely from his left eye. Pacquiao, at one point, has a 21-2 edge in punches in the final round. Rios is simply being out-boxed, unable to get to Pacquiao. Pacquiao, 10-9; Pacquiao, 119-109.


RingTV.com has it for Pacquiao, 119-109; Lederman has it 120-108 for Pacquiao. 




Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank

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