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Stevenson TKO 6 Bellew live round-by-round updates

RingTV.com will do a live round-by-round update of tonight’s sixth-round technical knockout by RING and WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis “Superman” Stevenson over mandatory challenger Tony Bellew, who was dropped once in the final round at The Pepsi Colesium in Quebec City. Quebec, Canada, on HBO.

Stevenson (23-1, 20 knockouts) scored his 11th consecutive KO against Bellew (20-2-1, 12 KOs), who entered the bout having gone 4-0-1, with two knockouts since falling by majority decision to then-WBO beltholder Nathan Cleverly in October of 2011.

There have been some questions about the chin of Stevenson, who scored a sixth-round stoppage against Darnell Boone in March, avenging his second-round knockout loss to the journeyman from April of 2010.

Stevenson weighed in at 174.4 pounds compared to 175 for Bellew, who was stopped at the 1:50 mark of the final round.  

HBO’s broadcast begins at 10:15 p.m ET/PT. 

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Stevenson vs. Bellew

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Referee:  Michael Griffin

Judges:  Rey Danseco, Jack Woodburn, Claude Pauquette

Bellew enters the ring first and is heavily booed, followed by Stevenson, who is lustily cheered.   

Michael Buffer: LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!


Round 1: Intense stare down. Fighters do not touch gloves. Stevenson appears to have broken a sweat, while the taller Bellew appears slightly more dry. Southpaw Stevenson is stalking, the rangy Bellew, retreating and fighting from a distance. Bellew is trying to time the counter right, and takes a left from Stevenson. Stevenson’s having ro reach with his left over the jab. Grazing straight left by Stevenson after a right to the body by Bellew. Another left by Stevenson. Jab, left and jab by Stevenson. Bellew’s being cautious. Obviously Bellew’s trying to land a solid right, and reaches with that punch twice over the final seconds. Stevenson, 10-9.


Round 2: Stevenson out-landed Bellew, 12-5, in Round 1. Stevenson grazes with a left. Bellew lands a right. Stevenson’s more aggressive behind his jab, spreading his stance in an attempt to blast with the left. Stevenson fires two lefts to the midsection. Two right hands by Bellew, each grazing but fired with melevolent intent. Stevenson’s jabbing and landing the left to the body, but is reaching. Stevenson lands a left, Bellew, a right. Double-jab by Stevenson. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 20-18.


Round 3: Bellew is standing tall and, in retreat, forcing Stevenson to take risks and to almost leap in to land his left after the jab. Bellew is trying to land a potent right. Stevenson’s bleeding from the nose. Stevenson jabs and lands a left on the forehead of Bellew. Another left lands for Stevenson, as does another. Two lefts to the body by Stevenson. Left, right and left by Stevenson. Two head-swiveling lefts by Steveonson. Stevenson closes with a double-left hand after having forced Bellew to the ropes. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 30-27.


Round 4: Steve Weisfeld has it, 30-27, for Stevenson. Bellew is taking more jabs and left hands, and misses a wild right. Stevenson’s starting to load up on the left. Stevenson GOES DOWN, but it’s ruled a slip. Bellew lands a right and a left that seem to stun Stevenson and send him to the ropes. Big left by Stevenson regains momentum. Three more lefts by Stevenson, and another. Stevenson lands a left, and takes a right from Bellew just prior to the bell. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 40-36.


Round 5: Solid left early by Stevenson. Stevenson’s pawing more with the jab, and appears anxious to land the left with more intent. Bellew continues to retreat, more from the pressure, but also, perhaps in an attempt to set traps. Three lefts by Stevenson, who takes a right and gives ground. Counter left by Stevenson. Right and left land for Bellew. Three more jabs by Stevenson, who is talking with his hands at his sides. Bellew lands a right, takes a left, and then, lands another right. Stevenson, 10-9; Stevenson, 50-45.

Round 6: Weisfeld has it for Stevenson, 50-45. Stevenson’s trainer, Sugar Hill, is not completely comfortable with his fighter’s tendency to lunch. Counter left by Stevenson and another. BIG LEFT HAND DROPS BELLEW FOR THE EIGHT COUNT. HE RISES, BUT GETS DRILLED INTO THE ROPES FROM YET ANOTHER LEFT, REFEREE MICHAEL GRIFFIN STOPS THE FIGHT!!!



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