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Lem’s latest: Abdusalamov’s condition unchanged

Nathan Lewkowicz, a promoter of Magomed “Mago” Abdusalamov, told RingTV.com  that the 32-year-old heavyweight’s condition is largely unchanged since the fighter was returned to life support last month following a rise in temprature after having been briefly awakened from his medically induced coma and taken off the respirator at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York.

Lewkowicz also disputed a recent report that Magomed lost the battle for his life.

“He’s still in critical condition. He’s had a few tempratures. I saw that there was an article written on some Argentinian website that he had passed away and that’s false, and I’m sure that’s what you’re calling about,” said Lekowicz.

“That’s false information. His condition is the same, it’s just that his temprature keeps going up, but they’ve been able to regulate it. I spoke to his cousin about 30 minutes ago, and according to his cousin, it went up about two days ago. His cousin said that’s been an ongoing issue. We’re just keeping him in our prayers and wishing him a successful recovery.”

After having been awakened, Lewkowicz said that the fighter had been “breathing on his own,” had “opened his right eye,” and had the ability to “move his right foot,” following a vicious battle with Mike Perez on Nov. 2.

Doctors had elected to wake up Abdusalamov after he began “to respond positively” following surgery and being placed in the coma as a result of a blood clot that had formed in his brain during his 10-round loss to Perez.

Abdusalamov had to have emergency surgery to remove the blood clot. The fight, which took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City, was also broadcast worldwide on HBO.



WBA middleweight titleholder Gennady Golovkin (28-0, 25 KOs) will be ringside for Saturday’s clash between IBF counterpart Darren Barker (26-1, 16 KOs) and former beltholder Felix Sturm (38-3-2, 17 KOs) in Germany before begining training for his Feb. 1 defense against Osumanu Adama (22-3, 16 KOs), Golovkin’s trainer, Abel Sanchez, told RingTV.com.

Golovkin will puruse his 15th consecutive stoppage win against Adama, having scored last month’s eighth-round stoppage of Curtis Stevens.

“I’ve watched a video of Adama fighting Daniel Geale a few years ago in Australia. He went 12 rounds with Daniel Geale, so, obviously, he’s credible. So he has fought for the title,” said Sanchez, referring to Adama’s failed bid to earn the IBF belt from then-beltholder Geale in March of 2012.

“But, unfortunately, we’re at a time in Gennady’s career where we can’t get people to get into the ring with him. Hopefully, in 2014, for whatever reason, people will step up and get into the ring with Gennady and he can give the people a fight they’ve paid for, and he can prove that he’s everything that we think he is. He’s going to stay in Germany until Dec. 7 and watch the Barker-Sturm fight, because, maybe, one of them can be a fight in the future. Then, the next day, he’ll return to begin training in Big Bear.”



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