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Lara UD 12 Trout live round-by-round updates


BROOKLYN, N.Y.– RingTV.com has a live round-by-round update of tonight’s junior middleweight clash of left-handers during which Erislandy Lara dropped Austin Trout in the 11th round of a unanimous decision victory on Showtime from Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Lara (19-1-2, 12 KOs) rose from knockdowns in the fourth and ninth rounds of his last bout to score a 10th-round stoppage of Alfredo Angulo in June, which had followed a disputed draw with Vanes Martirosyan in November of 2012.

Trout (26-2, 14 KOs) was floored in the seventh round of his last fight, a unanimous decision loss to Canelo Alvarez in April.

In returning to the New York City area, Trout was back where, on Dec. 1 of 2012, he scored a unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden. That career high was followed by the losslow to Alvarez.

Like Trout, Lara’s return to the East Coast meant coming back to the area of one of his best performances, a majority-decision loss against former two-time welterweight titleholder Paul Williams in 2011, which many ringsiders and boxing insiders thought Lara had won.


Showtime’s broadcast begins at 8 p.m ET/5 p.m. PT. 

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Lara vs. Trout

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RingTV.com has if for Lara, 119-108.

Referee: Ricky Gonzalez

Judges:  John McKaie had it 118-109, while John Poturaj and Tom Schreck had it 117-110, all for Lara.

Round 1: Trout reaches with his long jab at a retreating Lara, who begins to stand his ground. Lara reaches with a long lead left to the body. Four jabs to the body by Trout, and a right to the body by Lara. Two jabs to the head by Lara. Good counter-right by Lara. Nice right by Trout at the bell. Trout, 10-9

Round 2: Lara increased the aggression, but gets caught with a double right hook. Left and a right by Lara. Lull in the action. Uppercut by Trout, double right hand and a left by Lara. Left uppercut by Lara, who is setting up his counters well. Crowd’s booing the action. Lara, 10-9; Even 19-19.

Round 3: Jab by Lara, left by Trout. Solid left by Lara causes sweat to spray from Trout’s head. Jab by Trout, who takes two jabs and a left from Lara. Jab by Lara, who eludes a counter by Trout. Decent right hook from Trout, as Lara looks to time his shots. Right and a left by Lara. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 29-28.

Round 4: Lara pumps the jab to start the fourth. Solid left over the jab by Lara. Jab by Lara. Lara’s jab is working well to set up his follow-up left. Solid right hand by Trout gets Lara’s attention. But Trout fails to follow up as Lara’s back to jabbing and moving. Lara fires a hard left followed by a right and a left. Lara’s in control. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 39-37.

Round 5: Lara lands three jabs early to set the tone. Decent jab by Trout, and a clinch. Trout can’t seem to find his way in, and takes a left. Right, left and right by Trout. Right and a left land solidly for Lara, who dances away. Trout lands a right to the body. Solid left uppercut and a right at the bell both for Lara. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 49-46.

Round 6: Lara steps up the pressure and moves forward early, then retreats. Nice lead left by Lara over the jab. Trout’s jab lands once but can’t seem to find a steady mark. Trout runs into a left uppercut. Jab by Lara, who is in complete control. It’s Lara, the leader, Trout, the follower. Two jabs and a left by Lara. Another Lara left. Two solid left cross counters by Lara, the second more potent than the first prior to the bell. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 59-55.

Round 7: Trout’s right eye appears to be exhibiting some swelling. Lara continues to nail with lefts and jabs. Trout lands a right and a left. Trout takes three straight jabs and a lead left. Short jab by Trout, who takes another jab. Trout lands two jabs but takes a left uppercut and a jab from Lara. A grazing right lands for Trout, who takes an overhand left from Lara prior to the bell. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 69-64.

Round 8: Trout’s got to turn up the pressure to turn the tide, but takes two early jabs. Trout pounds two lefts to the body during a clinch. Nice left cross over the jab by Lara, and then, the sequence is repeated. Jab by Lara on that swelling eye of Trout’s, and then, two jabs. Hard jab by Lara. Trout looks lost. Grazing right hand by Trout, who returns to his corner with a look of frustration. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 79-73.

Round 9: Lara lands a couple of early lefts and dances away from the plodding Trout. Trout hammers the left hand to Lara’s body four times during a clinch. Lara’s A jab freezes Trout, who winces in anticipation of being counter. Two counter lefts by Lara. Right and a left by Lara. They trade left hands. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 89-82.

Round 10: Lara sets the tone, yet again, with two early jabs. Lara leans into a lead right. Lara continues to control the action and land the occasional left over his jab. Crowd’s booing. Right hand and left land to the head for Trout, who takes the same from Lara. Right by Trout. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 99-91.

Round 11: Right and left by Lara are the most potent blows just over 40 seconds into the round. Left to the body by Trout, whose follow up right falls short. Lara lands a three-punch combination. Trout’s way short with two jabs. LARA LEAD LEFT HAND DROPS TROUT TO HIS KNEES, AND HE’S SLOW TO RISE. TROUT TAKES A FEW MORE SHOTS, BUT SURVIVES THE ROUND!!!! Lara, 10-8; Lara, 109-99.

Round 12: Lara’s back on his toes and in control, peppering Trout and continuing to box well. Trout is tentative on his approach for obvious reasons. Solid left and a right by Lara that catch Trout, yet again. Hard jab by Lara. Left by Lara. Lara, 10-9; Lara, 119-108

RingTV.com has if for Lara, 119-108.

Photos by Tom Casino, Showtime

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