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Malignaggi UD 12 Judah live round-by-round updates


BROOKLYN, N.Y.– RingTV.com has a live round-by-round update of tonight’s welterweight clash during which Paulie Malignaggi  rose from a second-round knockdown to score a unanimous decision over Zab Judah in their battle of aging former beltwinners in the junior welterweight and welterweight divisions at Barclays Center in their native Brooklyn on Showtime.

Malignaggi (33-5, 7 knockouts), who is 33, out-landed the 36-year-old Judah, 220-121 in total punches, 98-to-54 in power punches, and, 122-to-67 in jabs. 

Malignaggi retored is his “Magic Man” nickname by rebounding from June’s split-decision loss at Barclays Center to Adrien Broner, who dethroned Malignaggi as WBA 147-pound beltholder.

Before facing Broner, Malignaggi had earned a split-decision victory over Mexico City’s Pablo Cesar Cano at Barclays Center in October of 2012.

Broner represented Malignaggi’s first loss since falling by 11th-round knockout to Amir Khan to as a junior welterweight at New York’s Madison Square Garden in May of 2010.

Before signing with Golden Boy in August, Judah (42-9, 29 KOs), known as “Super,” had scored a ninth-round knockout over previously undefeated Vernon Paris in March of 2012 before rising from an eighth-round knockdown against Danny Garcia this past April during a narrow unanimous decision loss to RING, WBA and WBC 140-pound champion at Barclays Center.

Judah’s other losses were to Joshua ClotteyKostya Tszyu, Miguel CottoCarlos Baldomir, Cory Spinks and Floyd Mayweather Jr., with all but the ones against Khan and Tszyu taking place in the welterweight division.

Showtime’s broadcast begins at 8 p.m ET/5 p.m. PT. 

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Judah vs. Malignaggi


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Referee: Mike Ortega

Judges:  Adalaide Byrd and Max De Luca have it 117-110, and Michael Pernick, 116-111, all for Malignaggi

RingTV.com has it for Malignaggi, 118-109.


It appears that Judah has received the more favorable ovation from the crowd compared to Malignaggi.

Round 1: Fighters were juiced up and on their toes already during the introductions. Malignaggi’s moving forward behind his jab. Judah’s appears to be landing more. Malignaggi is moving forward and lands to the jab and the right to the body with some regularity. Decent jab by Malignaggi lands. Pumping jab by Malignaggi, who takes a left that appears to have caused a cut over his left eye. Good lead right by Malignaggi. Malignaggi, 10-9.

Round 2: MALIGNAGGI’S DOWN EARLY FROM A LEFT. MALIGNAGGI’S SAYING HIS FOOT WAS STEPPED ON. Replays show that it was a combination of the shot and their legs being tangled. He’s not hurt, but it counts. Jab by Malignaggi and a right to the body. Crowd’s chanting Judah’s name. Malignaggi’s jabbing to the body. Right to the body by Malignaggi. Jab to the body by Malignaggi. Solid jab by Judah and a left by Judah. Double-jab by Malignaggi. Solid jab by Judah. They are trading solid jabs. Right cross by Malignaggi. Judah, 10-8; Judah, 19-18.

Round 3: Accidental head butt causes a cut over Judah’s left eye. Malignaggi’s cut over his right eye. Malignaggi’s moving forward and tagging to the body over his jab. Judah land a left. Malignaggi pounds the right to the head during a clinch. Right to the body by Malignaggi. Another right by Malignaggi. Solid jab by Malignaggi freezes Judah. Malignaggi, 10-9; Even 28-28.


Round 4: Crowd’s chanting the names of each fighter. Malignaggi’s forcing the action behind the jab and wins an exchange. Three-punch combo by Malignaggi, and a left by Judah. They trade lefts. Left by Judah. Right to the body for Malignaggi. Malignagi’s down, and it’s ruled a slip. Double-jab to the head and body for Malignaggi. Jab by Judah, who is trying to set up the left. Jab to the body and right to the head by Malignaggi. Double-jab by Judah, left uppercut from Malignaggi. Jab by Malignaggi, who appears to be dictating the action. Jab to the body by Malignaggi. Malignaggi, 10-9; Malignaggi, 38-37.


Round 5: Malignaggi wades in and lands a jab and a right to the body. The jab appears to be keeping Juda at bay. Jab and right to the body by Malignaggi. That’s his game. Four-punch combination, including two right uppercuts from Malignaggi. Solid left to the body by Judah and a right to the body by Malignaggi, the more active fighter. Jab by Judah, right by Malignaggi. Judah’s being kept busy by Malignaggi’s jab. Two decent jabs by Judah. Another Judah jab and a right to the body by Malignaggi. Jab by Malignaggi, who continues to out-work Judah. Jab, right to the body, jab, right to the body for Malignaggi end the round. Malignaggi, 10-9; Malignaggi, 48-46.

Round 6: Malignaggi continues to successfully land rights to the belly as well as an occasional jab. Malignaggi’s out-jabbing and out-working Judah, who takes a jab and a right hand both to the head. They trade jabs. Malignaggi double-jabs to the head and body. Hard left to the body by Judah and a clinch. Up-jab to the head by Malignaggi. Four jabs and a right by Malignaggi all to the head. Four straight jabs to Judah’s head. Judah appears to have no answer. Malignaggi, 10-9, Malignaggi, 58-55.

Round 7: Malingaggi landed 16 jabs in the sixth round, and continues to do so in the seventh. Judah lands a hard right hand that has Malignaggi holding on. Referee Mark Orega warns Malignaggi. Judah’s just eating jabs. Hard jab drives back Judah’s head, and he takes another before recovering, followed by two more and a right hand. Right hand followed by a left by Malignaggi. Judah looks somewhat befuddled. Jab, jab, and two right hands to the belly by Malignaggi. Judah paws the left eye. Left by Judah, who eats to more jabs and a right and looks frustrated. Left by Judah, who also lands a left to the gut prior to the bell. Malignaggi, 10-9; Malignaggi, 68-64.

Round 8: Judah’s showing urgency early and reaches yet misses with a long left. Judah eats three successive jabs. Left and a right to the body by Malignaggi, who repeats that sequence. Judah is having trouble finding Malgnaggi, who pounds two rights to the body and a jab to the head. Two lefts and a right all to the body by Malignaggi. Judah’s frozen by whatever Malignaggi’s doing. Left, right, left combination stings Judah, who takes a couple more blows prior to the bell. Malignaggi is talking to Judah prior to returning to the corner. Malignaggi, 10-9; Malignaggi, 78-73.

Round 9: More of the same to start the ninth: Judah retreating and being out-worked by Malignaggi, without answer. Malignaggi’s lead right causes sweat to spray from Judah’s head. Judah lands a jab, but takes a right to the body and a jab to the head. Two jabs to the body by Malignaggi. Malignaggi’s five-punch combo starts with body work and mixes in the jab. They trade jabs. Crowd is chanting Malignaggi’s name. Judah looks bewildered. Malignaggi, 10-9; Malignaggi, 88-82.

Round 10: I have Judah needing a KO or at least a couple of knockdowns to get back into the fight, but he simply will not throw punches. Long right to the belly by Malignaggi. Jab by Malignaggi, and two to the head by Judah. Jab to the body and right to the body by Malignaggi. Jab to the head, right to the body, and jab to the head by Malignaggi, who pumps in two more jabs. Crowd is booing. Jab lands for Judah, who eats to more from Malignaggi. Malignaggi’s talking to Judah. Malignaggi, 10-9; Malignaggi, 98-91.

Round 11: Malignaggi’s on his toes, ready to go; Judah’s looking off to his left before leaving his corner to begin the round. Left to the body, right to the head, and two more lefts to the body during a clinch by Malignaggi. Judah can’t seem to get untracked. Long right to the body by Malignaggi.  Jab to the head, right to the body by Malignaggi, and the sequence is repeated. Hard left by Judah, which Malignaggi absorbs. Right to the body by Malignaggi, who follows up with a three-punch combination that chases Judah to the ropes. Malignaggi, 10-9; Malignaggi, 108-100

Round 12: Lead left lands early for Judah. Five punch combination by Malignaggi freezes Judah and goes unanswered. Malignaggi continues to tee off with the left hand and the follow up right. Crowd is chanting Malignaggi’s name. Double-jab by Malignaggi, who is closing strong. Malignaggi’s hands are down and Judah’s still not throwing. Just a rough night for Judah, who was schooled. A frustrated Judah chases Malignaggi and appears to try to land after the bell. They exchange words and have to be separated by referee Mike Ortega. Malignaggi, 10-9, Malignaggi, 118-109.

RingTV.com has it for Malignaggi, 118-109.


Photos by Tom Casino, Showtime

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