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Leo Santa Cruz UD 12 Cesar Seda live round-by-round updates


SAN ANTONIO — RingTV.com has a live round-by-round update of tonight’s bout during which WBC 122-pound beltholder Leo Santa Cruz (26-0-1, 15 KOs), of Los Angeles, won by unanimous decision over Puerto Rico’s Cesar Seda (25-2, 17 KOs) at The Alamodome.

Santa Cruz wasi facing a southpaw for the first time since June of 2012, when he dethroned Vusi Malinga for the IBF’s vacant bantamweight belt. Even though Santa Cruz pitched a virtual shutout against Malinga, he did not take Seda lightly.

Santa Cruz defended the belt he won from Malinga three times — twice by stoppage — before winning his 122-pound debut by fifth-round knockout over Alexander Munoz in May.

In Seda, Santa Cruz defended the WBC junior featherweight belt he won by third-round knockout over Victor Terrazas in August.

“It was a tough guy. I am sorry San Antonio I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I wanted to give a better fight. Next time I’ll work harder and try to do better,” said Santa Cruz.

“I feel good. The sooner I fight again, the better for me. I want to stay at 122 pounds. Maybe spend the year at 122, and we’ll see after that. I thank San Antonio. This is a lovely city.  I wanted to come to fight here for a long time and I am glad we did.”

Seda had won five straight, including two by stoppage, since rising in weight after a unanimous-decision loss to WBO 115-pound titleholder Omar Narvaez in 2011.

Showtime’s broadcast begins at 8 p.m ET/5 p.m. PT.

Santa Cruzs vs. Seda

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Referee: Mark Calo-oy

Judges:  JUDGES Barry Linderman 116-111, Glen Crocker 117-110, David Bilocerkowec 115-112, ALL FOR SANTA CRUZ BY UNANIMOUS DECISION.



Round 1: Seda jabs and comes forward, but is short. Midway  through, Santa Cruz comes with the rights and lefts to the body and gets the crowd’s attention with a three-punch combination that is punctuated by a straight right hand. Another right lands for Santa Cruz, whose highly-held guard is protecting him. Santa Cruz closes with a left uppercut and a left. Santa Cruz, 10-9.

Round 2: Santa Cruz double-jabs to offset Ceda from the start. A right by Santa Cruz lands. Seda retreats with a faint jab. Off the ropes, Seda lands twice to the body and escapes. Right by Santa Cruz and a left. Left by Santa Cruz. Left by Seda. Left by Santa Cruz. Decent jab by Seda. Seda gets a right in on the inside and double-jabs, but Santa Cruz lands a left at the bell. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 20-18.

Round 3: Hard left rocks Seda to the ropes, where Santa Cruz goes to work. Decent exchange there, before Seda escapes. Santa Cruz switches southpaw and goes back to the right. Two solid jabs by Seda. Left by Santa Cruz. Right to the body for Seda, who also lands two jabs. Right and left for Santa Cruz. Jab and left for Santa Cruz, who takes three shots to the body. Seda, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 29-28.

Round 4: Seda’s more enthused to start the fourth, but takes two lefts to the body and gets pounded four times by rights during a clinch. Santa Cruz lands a hard left and then two rights. Santa Cruz lands two more lefts. Seda lands a left and another. Left, right and left by Santa Cruz. Clinch. Two lefts by Seda, and a left by Santa Cruz. Seda delivers three shots to the body and closes with the jab. Seda, 10-9; Even, 38-38.

Round 5: Santa Cruz hammers the body to start. Hard right by Santa Cruz. Left to the body by Seda, who moves away. Left to the body by Santa Cruz. Two right hands for Santa Cruz, both to the body. Right to the body, left to the head for Santa Cruz. Double jab and right, an execution that has happened twice. Right to the body for Santa Cruz. SEDA DOWN FROM A STRAIGHT RIGHT. NOT REALLY HURT. He rises. Hard right to the body by Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz, 10-8; Santa Cruz, 48-46.

Round 6: Santa Cruz is pressuring more and landing to the head and body as the round starts. Seda still is firing the jab, and an occasional right hook. Decent left by Seda. Another left by Seda. Santa Cruz rocks Seda to the ropes and lands to the body and the head briefly. Two right hands swivel Seda’s head. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 58-55.

Round 7: Right and left land early for Santa Cruz. Hard right by Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz engages, but gets drilled four  times to the body. Santa Cruz answers equally, and a right to the head moves Seda backward. Santa Cruz lands a jab and two right hands. Santa Cruz lands a lef and a right in the corner. Six punch combination by Santa Cruz, two body shots by Seda. Seda lands a decent jab, but Santa Cruz comes with a left and a right. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 68-64.

Round 8: Santa Cruz conrols the early portion of the round, and lands a poten four-punch combination to the body. Seda has success with both hands on thei inside, and Santa Cruz answers, but not enough to regain control until a hard right lands on Seda’s jaw. Solid jaab by Seda. Right to the chest for Santa Cruz, and another. Double-jab by Santa Cruz. Hard left by Seda. Three right hands for Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 78-73.

Round 9: Seda’s back to jabbing and moving, Santa Cruz, stalking. Right on the ropes by Santa Cruz. Left by Seda. Double-jab by Santa Cruz. Right by Santa Cruz. Hard right by Santa Cruz rocks Seda. Another lands as a counter over the jab. Seda lands a left and right to the body and moves away. Hard right by Santa Cruz. Double-jab by Santa Cruz, who ends the round with a right hand. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 88-82.

Round 10: Lead left by Santa Cruz. Double jab by Santa Cruz. Right by Santa Cruz. Right to the body by Santa Cruz. Triple-jab by Santa Cruz, who takes a left. Hard right to the head and to the body by Santa Cruz. Decent jab by Seda and a left that folows. Good exchange along the ropes, but Santa Cruz ends it with a decent right. Solid left by Seda. Double-jab by Seda. Seda double jabs to get out of danger. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 98-91.

Round 11: Seda’s showing good movement, but gets clubbed early by a right and then a left. Two hard lefts by Santa Cruz amid an exchange with Seda. Two lefts by Santa Cruz. Another left by Santa Cruz. Both were jabs. Two hard lefts by Seda, but they have little effect. Right by Santa Cruz. The club each other during the clinch. Two hard rights by Santa Cruz. Seda’s smiling, but why? Double jab by Santa Cruz ends the round. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 108-100.

Round 12: Fighters are going for it early in the round, Seda giving as good as he gets. Hard left to the body by Seda. Four-punch, left-right combo by Santa Cruz. Seda lands two hard lefts, takes as many rights. In a corner, Santa Cruz fires to the head and body with each hand. Left tohe head by Seda, right to the body by Santa Cruz. Right to the body by Seda, who takes a three-punch combination to body and then the head. Santa Cruz closes strong. Santa Cruz, 10-9; Santa Cruz, 118-109.



Photo by Naoki Fukuda

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