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Keith Thurman TKO 9 Jesus Soto Karass live round-by-round updates


SAN ANTONIO — RingTV.com has a live round-by-round update of tonight’s welterweight bout during which boxer-puncher Keith “One Time” Thurman (22-0, 20 KOs) scored a ninth-round technical knockout over experienced gatekeeper Jesus Soto-Karass (28-9-3, 18 KOs), who was floored once each in the fifth and final rounds.

“He’s much harder to get all…. Here’s what I got. San Antonio, baby.  Thank you.  There’s a lot of tough guys out there, but ‘One Time’ reps that KO everytime.  They can take it for a few rounds, but they can’t take it for 12 rounds. I saw I had him hurt. He was buzzed standing up, and I finished the show,” said Thumman.

“I saw that he was open. I sat down on that left hook and I exploded.  Everyone’s dangerous with eight-ounce gloves.  Luckily, God-willing, I was able to stand up, go toe-to-toe, -and get him out of there. I’d like whatever the fans like. I am here to entertain. I am here to give the best fights in the welterweight division.”

Thurman and Soto Karass returned to the town where they last fought in July.

Thurman scored a 10th-round knockout of Argentina’s previously unbeaten Diego Chaves, whom he dropped once each in the ninth and final round.

On the same card, Soto Karass rose from an 11th-round knockdown to drop and stop former two-time welterweight beltholder Andre Berto in the 12th.

Showtime’s broadcast begins at 8 p.m ET/5 p.m. PT.

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Thurman vs. Soto Karass


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Referee: Jon Schorle

Judges:  Don Griffin, Alfredo Polanco, Javier Alvarez



Round 1: Big right hand wobbles Thurman early. Soto Karass is in pursut. Thurman boxes and has success behind the jab. Hard right and left by Thurman. Up-jab and a right by Thurman shake Soto Karass. Good jabs by Thurman. Left hook by Thurman and a right. Left to the body and right to the head by Thurman. Right to the body, left to the head, and two lefts followed by a right all hurt Soto Karass. GREAT ACTION.Thurman, 10-9

Round 2: Thurman is back in control behind his jab and follow up right, but Soto Karass is in pursuit with mean intentions. Solid jabbing and rights by Thurman. Lead right by Soto Karass lands. Thurman hammers in a left hook. Soto Karass hammers two lefts to the body. Thurman’s jabs and combos behind it have him in control. Soto Karass lands a right to the cup. They close with a nice exchange, with Thurman getting the better. Thurman, 10-9; Thurman, 20-18.

Round 3: Thurman’s standing his ground, poised to exchange, but then, elects to give ground and box. He takes a right but comes back with a three-punch combination. Thurman’s boxing, moving side to side. Two lefts to the body freeze Thurman on the ropes, and he escapes. Two jabs by Thurman. Soto Karass drives two lefts to the body and takes a couple of jabs. Body work is ferocious from Soto Karass. Hard right by Soto Karass. Thurman gets off with a left and a right. Soto Karass, 10-9; Thurman, 29-28.

Round 4: Solid jabs by Thurman, but Soto Karass is walking through them. Right to the body by Thurman. Left hook by Thurman and a left and right. Right hand by Soto Karass. Three jabs by Thurman. Relentless pressure from Soto Karass. Left uppercut by Soto Karass. Three jabs by Thurman. Two rights and a left hook off the ropes from Thurman. Left uppercut and righthand by Thurman who also takes a left and a right. Soto Karass takes a hard head-swiveling right. Right by Thurman. Thurman outworks Soto Karass for the round. Thurman, 10-9; Thurman, 39-37.

Round 5: Movement by Thurman can win the fight, but it seems as if sooner or later, he will have to stand still and exchange. Hard right by Thurman, and Soto Karass takes it well. Triple jab by Thurman and a right. Left uppercut and right hand by Thurman. Good boxing. Double jab by Soto Karass. Left hook by Thurman and a clinch.HARD RIGHT, AND THEN, A LEFT HOOK DROPS SOTO KARASS TO HIS BACK. He rises, but THURMAN IS ON HIM, POUNDING LEFTS AND RIGHTS. Soto Karass recovers and is game, yet again. Thurman, 10-8; Thurman, 49-45.

Round 6: Soto Karass is back in the face of Thurman, who is boxing again. Left, right, left by Thurman. Left from Soto Karass. Hard right by Thurman, but Soto Karass still is there. Right to the body and left uppercut by Thurman, followed by a left, right, left combination. Left by Soto Karass. Left, right, left, right, all to the body by Thurman. Right, left, right, left, all to the head by Thurman. Thurman, 10-9; Thurman, 59-54.

Round 7: Left to the body by Thurman early. Jab, hook, jab by Thurman. Jab, right by Thurman. Good boxing. Up-jab splits Soto Karass’ guard. Overhand right to the head and left to the body by Thurman. Hook by Thurman. They trade a couple of jabs. Hard right to the head by Soto Karass, right to the body by Thurman. Right, left, right, left by Thurman. Soto Karass lands three shots to each side of Thurman’s body. Right uppercut at the bell stuns Soto Karass. Thurman, 10-9; Thurman, 69-63.

Round 8: Thurman’s back to jabbing and setting up the right. Soto Karass can’t catch up as of now. Hard left hook by Soto Karass, who has swelling around both of his eyes. Left hook and jab by Thurman. Stiff jab by Thurman and a double jab to follow. Right cross by Thurman off the ropes. Right hand by Thurman. Jab, right and left hook by Thurman, all to the head. Six shots to the body by Soto Karass. Great exchange along the ropes as the round ends. Thurman gets the better. Thurman, 10-9; Thurman, 79-72.

Round 9: Thurman corners Soto Karass early and pounds him with a series of rights and lefts in a corner of the ring. Right and a left to the body by Thurman. Up-jab by Thurman. Right by Thurman, who is on his bicycle. Jab by Thurman. RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, HOOK COMBO DROPS SOTO KARASS. REFEREE JON SCHORLE HAS SEEN ENOUGH AND STOPS THE FIGHT.


Photo by Naoki Fukuda

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