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Experts weigh in on Orlando Salido-Vasyl Lomachenko

Julian Johnson, guest/fan, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Vasyl Lomachenko KO 7 Orlando Salido: Vasyl Lomachenko will win in a fight that will be exciting while it lasts. I think the promotional companies have done thei homework and know that Lomachenko is the real deal, and that they didnt waste their money and time to get this guy rolling.

Lomachenko will win this, and he they know it. It is only a matter of how easily. Orlando Salido is a good fighter, and this will make it even more impressive. I am taking Lomachenko by knockout in the middle rounds, say, the seventh.

Record: 0-1 [Last pick: Bute UD 12 Pascal]


Rich Marotta, KFI Radio, Los Angeles

Orlando Salido TKO 11 Vasyl Lomachenko: I don't doubt that Vasyl Lomachenko is a quality fighter and a quality professional, even after just one pro fight. He has accomplished just too much to doubt his abilities.

In fact, I suspect he'll race to an early lead over Orlando Salido. However, Solido is battle-tested, and if he is not battle-worn, then I beleive he will start to turn the tables about midway through this fight. Lomachenko has never heard the bell sound for Round 7, or Round 9 or Round 11.

That is familiar territory for Salido, and against the very best opposition. There is no way the amateurs on Lomachenko's ledger stand up to the type of combatants Salido has not only faced, but in many cases beaten. Winning experience against top-notch quality has to count for something. I think Salido comes on late and stops Vasyl.

Record: 2-2 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Jack Obermayer, Fight Fax Inc.

Vasyl Lomachenko UD 12 Orlando Salido: Despite only being 7-0 — not 1-0 — Vasyl Lomachenko is well-schooled, and so are Top Rank matchmakers. Orlando Salido only has so much fuel left in the tank, and a technical approach by the challenger carries the day.  

Record: 0-0


Mark Ortega, RingTV.com

Vasyl Lomachenko TKO 9 Orlando Salido: Vasyl Lomachenko is looking to become a titleholder in just his second pro fight, which is no easy task.

Orlando Salido has lost a step or two in recent years, but his experience will still be difficult to overcome for Lomachenko.

I think the Ukrainian amateur star will eventually wear his veteran opponent down behind the jab and get a stoppage in the ninth or tenth round of a very good fight.

Record: 0-0


John J. Raspanti, Doghouseboxing.com/KO Monthly Magazine/examiner.com

Vasyl Lomachenko W 12 Orlando Salido: In his second professional fight, two-time gold medalist Vasyl Lomanchecko battles veteran Orlando Salido for the WBO featherweight title.

Lomanchecko, who engaged in 397 amateur fights, looked like the real deal in his pro debut when he knocked out Jose Ramirez in the fourth round.

Salido, 33, is a former three-time featherweight titleholder. He’s rough and tough, but I think Lomanchecko will outbox him and win by a 12-round unanimous decision.

Record: 3-1 [Last pick: Ortiz W 10 Collazo]


Matt Richardson, Fightnews.com

Vasyl Lomachenko W 12 Orlando Salido: Orlando Salido's last win didn't impress me enough to make me think he's any less shot than he looked earlier in 2013 against Mikey Garcia. 

Yes, this is a seemingly risky fight for Vasyl Lomachenko to take, but that's on the assumption Salido still has something left and I'm not sure that he does.

Lomachenko, whether he has one professional fight under his belt or seven, should still be too quick and too fresh for Salido.  Lomachenko by decision.

Record: 3-0 [Last pick: Collazo W 10 Ortiz]


Chris Robinson, Hustleboss.com/BoxingScene.com

Vasyl Lomachenko W 12 Orlando Salido: I have a feeling that Vasyl Lomachenko will be a little too sharp for Orlando Salido and grab a decision.

Record: 0-1 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Vasyl Lomachenko KO Orlando Salido: I think this could be a shock in terms of efficiency.  Orlando Salido has been down against men with less speed and pop and has probably become a tad overrated.  Vasyl Lomachenko may have this done by the third round.

Record: 2-2 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Michael Rosenthal, THE RING Magazine

Vasyl Lomachenko UD 12 Orlando Salido: I think this is a very dangerous fight for Vasyl Lomachenko. Orlando Salido is no joke. Still, I think the guy with superior talent — Lomachenko — wins a unanimous decision.

Record: 3-1 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Franciso Salazar, RingTV.com

Orlando Salido D 12 Vasyl Lomachenko: Vasyl Lomachenko will start fast and outbox Orlando Salido, who I think will start applying pressure by the fifth or sixth rounds.

If Salido can withstand anything Lomachenko gives him for the first six rounds, then Salido has a real good chance to win. Then again, with all the wars Salido has been in, can his body put out one more solid effort to win?

And would a loss realistically hurt Lomachenko? Remember: he's more a prospect than a contender, as of right now. I'm going out on a limb and say this ends in a draw.  

Record: 0-0


Tim Smith, RingTV.com

Vasyl Lomachenko KO 6 Orlando Salido: Vasyl Lomachenko is obviously very talented. He's also in tremendous shape.

But he's never been deep in a fight, and you don't know how he'll react if he is dragged into the late rounds. I don't think it will get that far with Orlando Salido.

Record: 0-0


Dominic Verdin, RingTV.com

Vasyl Lomachenko KO 8 Orlando Salido: Orlando Salido-Vasyl Lomachenko is the most fascinating matchup of the night. A two-time gold medalist with only one pro bout under his belt, Lomachenko is challenging one of the most stubborn champions in boxing today.

A three-time titlewinner, Salido is a tough out for anyone. Just ask Mikey Garcia, who scored four knockdowns against the hard-nosed Mexican fighter yet could not keep him down.

Lomachenko was 399-1 as an amateur, while Salido went 12-5-1, with three knockouts over his first four years as a professional and has faced some of the best in the business.

If the fight goes goes into the later rounds, Lomachenko will need to test Salido's body to in order to slow the champion down. It's a tough call, but I'm going with Lomachenko in a disputed but overwhelming stoppage inside of eight rounds.

Record: 1-1 [Last pick: Ortiz TKO Collazo]


Charles Villa, guest/fan, Portland, Oregon

Vasyl Lomachenko UD 12 Orlando Salido: Even though this fight is the undercard, this matchup is infinitely more intriguing than Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.–Bryan Vera II.  Orlando "Siri" Salido brings an 18-year career full of wars, winning and losing against every type of fighter possibly created.

With his experience, his toughness, and his power, Salido can never be counted out of any fight. Vasyl Lomachenko, on the other hand, might be the greatest amateur boxer ever created, tallying an astonishing 396-1 amateur record. In his pro debut, Lomachenko exhibited his professional style while cruising to a fourth round KO over Jose Luis Ramirez using vicious bodyshots.

If ever there was a logical toss-up, this fight would be it.  Granted, Salido was broken down by Mikey Garcia more than a year ago, but "Siri" has been down on the canvas and scorecards to come back and pull out wins.  Lomachenko is very much a variable in terms of what he can take when faced with a real pressure fighter like Salido.  

However, at the end of the day, that 396-1 amateur record is too impressive to ignore and Lomachenko's skillset, even at this extremely early stage of his caeer, appears to be wide and deep.  Lomachenko gets a title in his second professional outing via unanimous decision.

Record: 0-0


Anson Wainwright, RingTV.com

Vasyl Lomachenko W 12 Orlando Salido: I give Vasyl Lomachenko crazy credit for taking on a tough, grinding pressure fighter like Orlando Salido.  It is just his second pro fight — excluding the World Series of Boxing.

I expect the Ukrainian to start fast and build up an early lead, with Salido coming back into it over the course of the second half of the contest.  All told, Lomachenko should pass the test with a decision somewhere in the neighborhood of 116-112.

Record: 3-0 [Last pick: Peterson W 12 Jean]


By a resounding 18-3, the insiders believe that Vasyl Lomachenko will dethrone Orlando Salido as WBO featherweight beltholder.


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