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Who wins Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Bryan Vera II?

Rich Marotta, KFI Radio, Los Angeles

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. TKO 9 Bryan Vera: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has developed into a very good fighter, very good that is, if he is in shape, focused and not over confidant. Because of the controversial nature of the decision in fight I, I believe he will be all of those this time and will dominate. 

Bryan Vera tries hard and probably deserved the nod the first time, but he is a journeyman. Trying hard is not going to be enough this time. Chavez will enter the ring ready and fully knowledgeable of the danger to his career if he dispenses another dud like that last one.

The bout is markedly siimilar to a situation he faced a few years ago with Matt Vanda, another journeyman who nearly beat him in their first fight. The rematch, with a fit and ready Chavez, though, was no contest, it was all Junior. This one will go that way as well. Chavez won't lose more than a couple of rounds, will overwhelm and stop Vera late.

Record: 2-2 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Jack Obermayer, Fight Fax Inc.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. W 12 Bryan Vera:  I'm going with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by decision. Close again, but Chavez gets motivated and Bryan Vera gets slower.

Record: 0-0


Mark Ortega, RingTV.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. W 12 Bryan Vera: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. saw another training camp come together a bit loosely, with Robert Garcia in as trainer until it came time to travel to Mexico, at which point Garcia stepped out.

Photos have shown Chavez Jr. to be in supreme shape, which wasn't the case last year when he faced off with Bryan Vera and got a gift unanimous decision.

That being said, Chavez rocked Vera with most power punches he landed, and him being in better shape bodes well for him down the stretch. I expect Chavez to earn a convincing decision this time around, and the bigger upset is that he'll make weight easily.

Record: 0-0


John J. Raspanti, Doghouseboxing.com/KO Monthly Magazine/examiner.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. TKO 11 Bryan Vera: To me, this is the most important fight of Julio Cesar Chavez’s career. If he wants to fight some of the big boys, he’ll have to find a way to beat tough Bryan Vera in a rematch of their controversial bout from last year.
Vera has paid his dues many more times than Chavez. He’s courageous and determined. He thought he beat Chavez the first time they fought. Chavez looks to be in better shape this time. Vera will give him some trouble, but I think he battles back to stop his nemesis late in the fight.

Record: 3-1 [Last pick: Ortiz W 10 Collazo]


Matt Richardson, Fightnews.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. W 12 Bryan Vera: I like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to win clearly this time around — or at least more clearly — than last time. 

I'd like to think that Chavez has his stuff together enough to beat Bryan Vera, or, to put it another way: Chavez can be much better than he was last time. But I don't think Vera can be, and that is what should be the difference this time.

Record: 3-0 [Last pick: Collazo W 10 Ortiz]


Chris Robinson, Hustleboss.com/BoxingScene.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. W 12 Bryan Vera: I think Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will bounce back with a more spirited effort against Bryan Vera in the rematch and pull out a tough decision.

Record: 0-1 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. KO Bryan Vera: I think Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. shows up in shape and puts away the smaller Bryan Vera sometime inside eight rounds.

Record: 2-2 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Michael Rosenthal, THE RING Magazine

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. KO 9 Bryan Vera:  I think Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will be ready this time. Chavez stops Bryan Vera in the ninth round.

Record: 3-1 [Last pick: Ortiz UD 10 Collazo]


Franciso Salazar, RingTV.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. MD 12 Bryan Vera: This fight could go in a lot of different directions. If Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is in the same shape he was in for the first fight, then it's an even fight.

If Chavez is better prepared, then he could win and even stop Bryan Vera. I think both Chavez and Vera have a lot to prove, but Vera might be more motivated.

He needs to attack the body, and if he does, that might play into his hands. However, Top Rank wants and expects Chavez to win. He wins by close majority decision.

Record: 0-0


Tim Smith, RingTV.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. W 12 Bryan Vera: You hope that Julio Cesar Chavez jr. has seen the error of his ways from the first time around and will be in better shape this time around.

If that is the case, he should score a victory over Bryan Vera. Chavez starts slow, but gains momentum through the fight. Chavez by decision.

Record: 0-0


Dominic Verdin, RingTV.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. TKO 7 Bryan Vera: I really believe that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has rededicated himself, particularly in the wake of the birth of his daughter, Julia, just prior to training camp.

Chavez Jr. had been battling the scales, but I honestly feel that he will come out on top, stopping Bryan Vera inside of seven rounds. 

Record: 1-1 [Last pick: Ortiz TKO Collazo]


Charles Villa, guest/fan, Portland, Ore.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. TKO 9 Bryan Vera: What we have in Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is a kid who inherited his legendary father's name, chin, and penchant for throwing thudding blows. Unfortunately, he didn't appear to inherit his dedication as the question of Junior making weight practically warrants its very own experts panel. 

Bryan Vera, on the other hand, came to the sport late in life, and works incredibly hard in and out of the ring to overcome the time and techniques he may have missed. In their last outing, Vera appeared to outwork Junior enough to secure a victory, but the judges somehow granted Chavez the victory. 

Saturday night's outcome all depends on which version of Chavez Jr. showed up during training.  With a new baby daughter, and an alleged newfound dedication to the sport, I think we see the same kid who felt he had something prove and systematically took Andy Lee apart.  Junior's size, reach, and power breaks Vera down leading to a ninth round technical knockout.

Record: 0-0


Anson Wainwright, RingTV.com

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. TKO 10 Bryan Vera: After a poor showing in the first contest I see Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. being closer to his "A" game this time against a solid Bryan Vera.

Over the course of the fight, I see Chavez slowly but surely grinding down the naturally smaller guy before eventually getting a late stoppage.

Record: 3-0 [Last pick: Peterson W 12 Jean]


By a shutout 24-0, the experts pick Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to win the rematch with Bryan Vera at 168 pounds.

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