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Andre Ward’s statement about his lawsuit against Goossen Tutor

RING and WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward released a statement on his website on Friday addressing his ring absence as well as his ongoing lawsuit seeking separation from career-long promoter Goossen Tutor.

The 30-year-old Ward (27-0, 14 knockouts) was last in the ring for November's unanimous decision over Edwin Rodriguez.

"I want to clear up all the speculation about when I will fight next. Reports that I am holding out or don't want to fight are simply untrue. My fans should know that despite my lawsuit against Goossen Tutor Promotions, I have asked Dan Goossen to set up my next fight as soon as possible," stated Ward. "Actually, I've been ready to fight since December. I know this a frustrating time for my fans and I appreciate your patience and all the encouragement you’ve given me. I hope to be back in the ring very soon."

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