Bernard Hopkins

RingTv image Perfect Execution: The feint

Perfect Execution: The feint

Perfect Execution, the popular illustrated technical guide to boxing by legendary champion Bernard Hopkins, is back as a regular feature in the pages of THE RING magazine. This installment: the feint.

RingTv image Dougie’s Friday mailbag

Dougie’s Friday mailbag

Fans share their thoughts and questions about Sergey Kovalev’s future and championship status, undefeated super middleweight Gilberto Ramirez, the meaning of “lineal/linear” champions, mythical matchups involving Kovalev, and much more in this week’s Friday mailbag.

RingTv image Dougie’s Monday mailbag

Dougie’s Monday mailbag

Fans share their thoughts on Sergey Kovalev’s dominant decision over Bernard Hopkins, what the future might hold for both light heavyweights, what might happen should either face Adonis Stevenson, John David Jackson’s role in Kovalev’s win, and more in this week’s Monday mailbag.