Ali-Terrell 50 years on: The octopus against the shuffle


Ali-Terrell 50 years on: The octopus against the shuffle

What’s my name? What’s my name? Muhammad Ali tortured Ernie Terrell in this 1967 title fight but there’s a lot more to the story than that one question.

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Former WBA heavyweight titleholder Ernie Terrell passes away at 75

According to reports Ernie Terrell, who once held the WBA portion of the heavyweight title, tragically passed away on Tuesday at the age of 75. Terrell is best known for sustaining a 15-round thrashing at the hands of Muhammad Ali, however, like many heavyweights who fought “The Greatest”, Terrell has his own unique story.

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Ali-Quarry remembered

Forty-three years ago today, one of the most anticipated comebacks in boxing history began when Muhammad Ali emerged from a 43-month exile to score a three-round TKO over Jerry Quarry. Ali’s return wasn’t just a sporting spectacle it was a social happening that struck at the heart of a deeply divided nation.

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