From THE RING Archives: George Foreman interviewed in 1976


From THE RING Archives: George Foreman interviewed in 1976

On the 40th anniversary of George Foreman’s fifth-round knockout of Ron Lyle we take a look back at a Q&A which was completed only days prior to that classic slugfest.

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Donald McRae Q&A on ‘A Man’s World: The Double Life of Emile Griffith’

Award-winning writer Donald McRae talks in-depth about his biography on five-time world champion Emile Griffith, who was so much more than a prizefighter.

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George Foreman: Muhammad Ali’s trainer demand prevented rematch

George Foreman spoke to about the reason a rematch with Muhammad Ali never happened. The hall of fame-enshrined former heavyweight champ spoke about the 40th anniversary of “The Rumble in the Jungle,” how he came back from the loss and what might have happened had he and Ali fought again.

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Emile Griffith tribute’s resident historian Lee Groves pays tribute to the amazing life and all-time great boxing career of Emile Griffith, a three-time welterweight king and a two-time middleweight champion who helped define the sport in the 1960s and ’70s.

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