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RingTv image Don King turns 81 on Monday

Don King turns 81 on Monday

Promoter Don King, who turns 81 on Aug. 20, invited Pygmies to the “Rumble In The Jungle,” claims to be able to communicate with Floyd Mayweather in “ghetto-ese,” and once killed a man — just a few stories from the life of the man who coined the phrase “Only in America.”

RingTv image 10: Top Boxers with combined Olympic and pro success

10: Top Boxers with combined Olympic and pro success

With the 30th Modern Olympiad in the history books and many of the boxing standouts of the London Games considering professional careers, historian Lee Groves compiled a list of the 10 best boxers who have combined Olympian heights with pro glory.

RingTv image LeRoy Neiman: 1921-2012

LeRoy Neiman: 1921-2012

Noted author and boxing columnist Thomas Hauser first met LeRoy Neiman when he interviewed the renowned artist for his biography on Muhammad Ali in 1989. Hauser wrote the following profile on Neiman, who passed away on Wednesday.