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RingTv image Best I’ve Faced: George Chuvalo

Best I’ve Faced: George Chuvalo

George Chuvalo, the perennial 1960s and ‘70s heavyweight contender who fought Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, among other hall of famers, reminisced about the best fighters he faced with detailed memory and insurmountable pride with

RingTv image Dougie’s Monday mailbag

Dougie’s Monday mailbag

Readers comment on Amir Khan’s reaction to Floyd Mayweather’s mind games, Vasyl Lomachenko’s record-breaking gamble, the heavyweight rankings, GGG hype, and come up with a strange boxing fantasy situation in this week’s Monday mailbag. Enjoy!

RingTv image Best I’ve Faced: John Conteh

Best I’ve Faced: John Conteh

John Conteh was Britain’s light heavyweight matinee idol during the Golden Age of the 175-pound division. The popular and affable Liverpool native, who held the WBC title from 1974-’78 and fought hall of famer Matthew Saad Muhammad among other top contenders of the day, spoke to about the best he faced.

RingTv image Ali-Quarry remembered

Ali-Quarry remembered

Forty-three years ago today, one of the most anticipated comebacks in boxing history began when Muhammad Ali emerged from a 43-month exile to score a three-round TKO over Jerry Quarry. Ali’s return wasn’t just a sporting spectacle it was a social happening that struck at the heart of a deeply divided nation.

RingTv image A tribute to Ken Norton

A tribute to Ken Norton historian Lee Groves gives a fitting tribute to Ken Norton, who passed away on Wednesday. Groves writes that Norton, who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds in the boxing ring and devastating physical injuries and challenges outside of it, “was a man of uncommon character and perseverance.”