New Faces: A look back


New Faces: A look back

In this edition of ‘New Faces,’ Anson Wainwright looks back at the more promising young talents featured on in recent years past.

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Review: ‘Manny’ film provides insight but lacks heart from its subject

Manny Pacquiao is a celebrated boxer and Filipino hero, but what makes him intriguing is what we don’t know and the Ryan Moore-directed documentary titled “Manny” does an excellent job giving audiences a deeper look into the man. However,’s Andreas Hale wishes Pacquiao revealed more during the film.

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Book review: Al Bernstein’s ’30 Years … 30 Undeniable Truths’

Veteran journalist Al Bernstein’s book, 30 Years … 30 Undeniable Truths, is an entertaining journey from the formative years of cable-TV boxing to the present, as witnessed by one of the best storytellers in the business.

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