Pacquiao’s 24/7 spoof on Kimmel to re-run Friday


Pacquiao’s 24/7 spoof on Kimmel to re-run Friday

Last Wednesday’s appearance by Manny Pacquiao on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show will be aired again at midnight on Friday.

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Pacquiao: ‘I am full of the word of God.’

Manny Pacquiao spoke on a range of topics after arriving in Las Vegas, including Floyd Mayweather’s infamous phone call, underestimating Juan Manuel Marquez, same-sex marriage, and the business of hurting Tim Bradley.

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Lem’s latest: Rios-Abril conference gets heated

Brandon Rios and Richard Abril delivered another heated confrontation during a Monday press conference in Los Angeles, and both fighters are eager to settle matters in the ring on Saturday.

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