A tribute to “The Hawk” Aaron Pryor


A tribute to “The Hawk” Aaron Pryor

As the boxing world reflects on the life of Aaron Pryor, the good memories will far outweigh the bad as they recall his tornadic, all-action style.

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Goodbye, Greatest

The loss of Muhammad Ali leaves an unfillable void but he filled us with memories like no other has or ever will.

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Lennox Lewis to be honored at Friar’s Club roast

On Friday, Jan. 15, former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis will be honored at a Friar’s Club roast in Manhattan, NY.

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A tribute to Ken Norton

RingTV.com historian Lee Groves gives a fitting tribute to Ken Norton, who passed away on Wednesday. Groves writes that Norton, who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds in the boxing ring and devastating physical injuries and challenges outside of it, “was a man of uncommon character and perseverance.”

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Larry Holmes pays tribute to Ken Norton

Larry Holmes shared the ring with Ken Norton in one history’s greatest heavyweight fights on June 9, 1978. He spoke with RingTV.com to remember the man he faced that night.

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Emile Griffith tribute

RingTV.com’s resident historian Lee Groves pays tribute to the amazing life and all-time great boxing career of Emile Griffith, a three-time welterweight king and a two-time middleweight champion who helped define the sport in the 1960s and ’70s.

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A tribute to Carmen Basilio

Boxing historian Lee Groves pays tribute to the hall-of-fame career and inspirational life of former welterweight and middleweight champion Carmen Basilio, who was as disciplined and principled outside of the ring as he was tough and tenacious inside of it.

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